Intel announces three new Chromebooks from HP, Acer and Toshiba


Intel’s Developer Forum has not just been all about new chips for smartphones and smartwatches, but the launch of three new Chromebook’s running on Intel Haswell processor chips, for better performance and battery life.

First on the stage is the HP Chromebook 14, sporting the largest display out of the three and a 1366×768 resolution. It comes with a micro-USB, WWAN and two USB 3.0 ports. HP will also be adding 100GB of Google Drive cloud storage for two years and the price starts at $299.

Acer and Toshiba have also made Chromebooks fitted with the Haswell processor. Acer’s claim to fame comes from the slim and light body, but we are not too sure on the internals. Acer is Google’s oldest partner on Chrome OS, alongside Samsung.

They all look like Chromebooks, plastic with a curved shell design and front facing camera. The main part of the Chromebook is the software, Chrome OS is still a half-baked solution for some, but for people who only want a web-browser, it is a cheap solution.

Intel is trying to get into as many markets as they can, with Haswell planted into all future Windows 8 PCs and new Mac devices and Intel Quark for smartwatches and digestible microprocessors. With PC sales slowly dying, they need tablet and smartphone sales to keep strong.


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  1. The screen resolution is leaving me cold. If it has more power, the power should be used to drive a denser screen. Otherwise what is the advantage (considering it is a chromebook) over a slower processor?

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