Instant messaging app Telegram breaches the 100 million user mark


If #WhatsApp has a rival in the mobile industry, it’s #Telegram. While the app might not be anywhere near WhatsApp in terms of scale, it offers a suite of features that the Facebook owned IM client doesn’t. This has made the app quite popular among people who prefer to have large group chats or even a Snapchat like self-destruct conversation.

The makers of Telegram have now announced that the app has officially crossed 100 million users, which is a major achievement for the IM client, especially considering that it happened right under WhatsApp’s nose. However, just breaching the user count doesn’t cut it in this game as user engagement is crucial for apps to survive.

Much like WhatsApp, Telegram also operates on a free model, so generating revenues has always been a concern. So it will be interesting to see where the company is headed in the years to come, especially considering how segmented the instant messaging segment has become today.

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Source: Telegram Blog

Via: Phone Arena