Indian Import Data Confirms Galaxy S5 Model Number, Hints at High-End Samsung Windows Phone

You know the old saying it never rains but it pours? Apparently, it doesn’t only apply to bad things, as the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor wheels have been truly set in motion roughly 24 hours ago and we already have fresh intel seemingly confirming a couple of tidbits about Android’s “next big thing”.

Galaxy S5

To recap the events of yesterday, what obviously looked like a Sam-concocted high-ender, with 2K display, Android 4.4 KitKat and 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, made a quick benchmarking visit at GFX Bench.

Its identity was almost impossible to determine based solely on the odd model number, yet the test’s timing and revealed specs turned the SM-G900S into a prime GS5 candidate. Which brings us to today’s evidence supporting that exact same theory.

A Samsung handheld carrying a strikingly similar codename (SM-G900F) made its way to India a few days ago (i.e. on December 2) in three copies designed for R&D (research and development) purposes. That’s according to Zauba, a very meticulous local website which through God knows what methods tracks down all devices imported and exported out of India.

How reliable is their data? Very, since it helped pinpoint a few of Galaxy Note 3’s model numbers back in the day. Now, the truly interesting part about their reports is they also list the approximate value of gadgets in question.


Case in point, the SM-G900F is worth Rs. 33,245, or $533. Not quite a price tag you’d expect a fancy phone like the S5 to be slapped with, but the GNote 3 for R&D purpose was evaluated at Rs. 31,967 ($513). Ergo, we’re dealing with a more advanced, costlier piece of technology than the Note 3.

Turning our attention back to GFX Bench for a second, let’s mention the SM-G900S was pulled from its database following our reporting from yesterday, which is more proof the beast’s identity wasn’t supposed to go public so early.

Finally, if we are to trust notorious Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, a guy with more connections on Samsung’s inside than I can count on one hand, the Galaxy S5 ain’t slated for a Q1 2014 release after all. Instead, it should break cover in “late April”. Sounds kind of fishy to me, but I guess we shall live and see.


But wait, there’s more. More top-shelf mobile technology prepped by Samsung, as a mysterious SM-W750V has also been caught red-handed by Zauba when trying to slip past India’s borders.

This thing apparently runs Windows Phone 8 (booo!) and is worth Rs. 31,967 for R&D and Rs. 33,245 for “testing and evaluation”. Translation: $512 and $533, so dangerously close to both the Note 3 and rumored S5.

Chances are we’re looking at some sort of ATIV S follow-up for Verizon, with a 5-inch Full HD screen, Snapdragon 800 SoC and all the hardware works of the Nokia Lumia 929 and 1520. Why is Samsung still beating the WP dead horse? Maybe they reckon they can revive it. I say no way. How about you?

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  1. it’s pretty hard for me to believe this will be an S5 — I’m thinking this will be a late S4 variant. It isn’t 64 bit. It isn’t a new processor. So it doesnt make sense as the next Galaxy S.

    The 9505 was a snapdragon 600, the 9506 was a snapdragon 800 8974, this will probably be the 9507 since it is the snapdragon 800 8974AB or AC.

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