iMpulse is a keychain sized mobile gaming controller for gaming on the go

imPulse Controller

Android gaming controllers are pretty much in the trend these days. We’ve seen the likes of Moga making it big in the portable gaming controller segment with even Samsung joining the mix recently with its GamePad controller. But we have now stumbled across a rather unique gaming controller coming from ThinkGeek. This gaming controller called the iMpulse certainly won’t compete with the bigger gaming controllers but is certainly worth a look, especially considering its portability. The controller can even take images through the buttons and control apps like Spotify. It features a standard D-Pad and seven other function buttons including two on the back.

iMpulse front and back

As you can see from the image above, the iMpulse is as small as a keychain which means you can carry this around with you at all times and immediately hook it up with your Android or iOS device for gaming on the go. However, given its size, it might prove to be a monumental effort to play games using iMpulse, especially if you have large hands. But we have to give full marks for the effort put in by the makers. The controller costs $39.99, which is a bit on the pricier side, but considering what it brings to the table, it doesn’t seem like a lot. You can order one of these through ThinkGeek from the link provided below.

Source: Think Geek

Via: Cult of Android