If You Take Medicine You Need This Android App: Digital Pillbox

A new app from our friends at Iconosys (who make thedroidguy app) has hit the Android Market. This app solves one of America’s biggest health problems.

The biggest illness is the fact that people do not take their medicines as they are directed and/or as their health requires.”  According to Dr. Silvio Margiles, a retired pediatrician and former chairman for the Argentina Medical Board.

That’s where DigitalPillBox comes in.  DigitalPillBox is like a pill box reminder app on steroids. It features a much more appealing graphical interface than other pill box reminder apps. It also has a library of images of the most common pills to remind people exactly what medicines they are supposed to be taking visually and with text. If the pill takers medicine isn’t in the library they can use their phones camera to take a picture of the exact medicine they are supposed to be taking. If you take three pills at the same time you can take a picture of all three together.

Features like that are great for people with chronic illness or take medicine at a regular basis. The picture feature is especially helpful when the person taking the medication is with others. Perhaps they aren’t feeling well and need help on a certain day, a friend or relative would be able to help figure out what medicine they are supposed to be taking by simply looking at the picture.

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DigitalPillBox also provides tracking information on medicinal consumption that can easily be exported via spreadsheet and email to a care giver. At the users request DigitalPillBox can even send a daily medicine log to a caregiver friend or family member.

Then of course, there are the actual pill box app features like the ability to schedule medications at as many intervals you need, and as many medications as you take. The DigitalPillBox app keeps your entire schedule in a password protected Google Calendar that the user can share with friends, family members and care givers. You can also access the calendar on a desktop to make it easier to make bulk changes.

You can set whatever alarm you want. Keep your DigitalPillBox on a different alarm than everything else and easily be reminded when it’s time to take medication even without taking out your phone, so you can keep your personal information personal.

Here is a complete list of features:

  •  Import images from a gallery or use the device/phone’s built in camera to add images of the precise pill(s) or other consumable(s) to be taken, making it easier for users such as the elderly to distinguish between medications that may look similar and to better recognize which consumables they need to take. Got 2 or 3 pills? Simply use the app to display photos of the pills side by side so you are never confused.
  • Add pills, vitamins, powders, lotions, and other dosing or treatment regimens to a database for easy retrieval, all with details and instructions for consumption or treatment.
  • Access the “meds schedule” on the phone/device’s password protected Google Calendar, and share this schedule on a need to know basis with others, such as your care provider and/or concerned family members.
  • With the app, “cared-for users” can track their dosing history or enlist the help of a care provider or loved one in helping them monitor such consumption, all with the touch of a single button on the user’s Smartphone or mobile device for ultimate convenience.
  • The app installs easily on a Smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices, and can easily communicate with other Smartphones, devices and or computers through the use of SMS Text Messaging and/or email.
  • The app also has an exportable / compatible Microsoft Excel spreadsheet at the ready, customizable for the user based on past consumption patterns and available for easy electronic transmission via email to health care providers and/or other device users.
  • An alarm that sounds and takes over the home screen on the device when a scheduled dosing event occurs, requiring the “cared-for user” to press OK or CANCEL, and recording consumption information and history based on these stored keystrokes and other information provided by the user.
  • Choose your own alarm tone that you find to be most desirable or effective from the settings screen


DigitalPillBox is available free in the Android Market for a limited time and then it will be $9.99 for a lifetime license so go get it here.