If you can’t beat them, undercut them

Thats the words coming from the Finland company Nokia as to how they’ll gain back the market share in the US from Android. Chris Weber(Nokia’s North American sales group Manager):

Nokia plans to release Windows phones in many forms at lots of price points — including some that will undercut the cheapest Android phones out there, which is “the quickest way to gain market share.”

Lets not mistake that for we’ll do business correctly. Nokia will make sure to undercut Android phones just to get devices in the hands of those in the USA. While this may come off as a cheap move, remember, that is what Android has also done. With Google giving away Android at no cost to them(but being charged fees from likes of Microsoft) Google is saying here is something cheap, make it so you can get it in as many hands as possible.

The difference in this situation is Microsoft is still charging Nokia a licensing fee. We’ll also see a advertising blitz as Nokia plans to flood the airs with advertising

That means spending more money on marketing than Nokia has ever spent before.

Nokia, which at one point was the worlds largest supplier of phones has dropped off due to their inability to have one of their many OS take off with main stream users. They are now riding Microsoft and WP7 to hopefully fill that void where they couldn’t do.

Source: SFGate

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