iBooks on Mac


At WWDC in San Francisco Apple debuted iBooks for Mac, which will allow you to read all of your iBook collection on you Mac; the app will be part of OS X Mavericks which will launch this fall. This native app is to compete with the Kindle app which is available not only on your mobile devices but on your Mac and PC as well. The app doesn’t just give you the ability to read your collection of iBooks it allows you purchase more ibooks straight from the app.

There is plenty of choice in the iBook store with 1.8 million titles available which is up from 1.5 million last October, this app will be very useful for students who will now be able to have a text book open on their laptop and take notes at the same time. This is much better then trying to balance your iPad or iPhone so that you can take notes from it.

iBooks seems to be playing catch up a bit now, they still haven’t announced a PC app for iBooks and probably won’t but the native app was needed. This app will accompany the iBooks authoring app which allows you to create your own iBook and publish it.

Source: Gigaom