I-Drive Owners Your Android Support Is Here

If you use I-Drive for your cloud based storage needs you’ll be relieved to hear that I-Drive now has an Android application in the market.

The I-Drive Android application will allow I-Drive users to get in touch with their I-Drive cloud based storage anywhere they have a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection. Connecting to I-Drive via the Android app, will allow users to use their existing credentials to upload, download, view and edit files on the go and as they need them.  The I-Drive Android application will even let you share files by simply entering the recipients email address.

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With the dramatic rise in popularity of Android mobile devices, we saw the need to support this platform for our IDrive customers,” said Raghu Kulkarni, CEO for Pro Softnet Corporation.

I-Drive boasts 750,000 users of it’s cloud based service. They also offer one of the more competitive pricing structures as 5GB with I-Drive is absolutely free. I-Drive joins both box.net and dropbox in the cloud based storage app space for Android.

I-Drive also announced an iPad and iPhone version of the same app today.

Source: I-Drive