Humble Bundle with Android 5 Has Landed

Humble Bundle, which was formerly known as Humble Indie Bundle,   is a collection usually made up of games that are bundled together and distributed online. What’s unique about this is that the price of the bundle is determined by the purchaser. You choose how much you are willing to pay and how to divide your payment among the game developers, foundation and more.

Humble Bundle with Android 5

Today sees the release of a new offer called Humble Bundle with Android 5. This bundle includes six games that are available for the Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. The titles available are Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2, and NightSky HD. If you pay more than the average price then you will also get Super Hexagon and Dungeon Defenders. These games will normally cost you $110.

Aside from the games you will also have access to their soundtracks which comes in FLAC or MP3.

This offer won’t last long as it will only be live for two weeks so better act now.

Here’s a description of the games included in this bundle.

Beat Hazard Ultra

  • This is an arcade shooter that is powered by music from the game or from your personal playlist.  You will need to avoid enemy ships hurling towards you as well as blast them.

Dynamite Jack

  • You play as Jack whose goal is to escape the Anathema mines. Helping you in this task is your flashlight and an unlimited supply of bombs. As much as possible you have to avoid your enemies such as the guards and scientists.

Solar 2

  • A game recommended for tablets. You start out as a small asteroid and merge with other asteroids. As you grow bigger you will soon transform into a planet and ultimately into a black hole.

NightSky HD

  • This is a physics puzzle game where you need to guide your ball using pinball flippers in an exciting environment.

via humblebundle