Humble Bundle Mobile 5 Launches With 6 Hot Games For Android

So you got yourself the new Samsung Galaxy S5? Or you probably got the latest HTC One M8? It’s time to test the limits of your new smartphone by playing games on it and see if it provides a smooth experience. You could download games over at the Google Play store and pay the normal price or you could get games over at Humble Bundle and pay any price you want.

humble bundle mobile 5

It just so happens that right now the Humble Bundle Mobile 5 has launched that includes 6 amazing Android games that you can enjoy playing on your device. Normally, these 6 games will cost around $30 however you can decide how much you will pay for them. Paying any amount will get you three titles (Bag It!, R-Type II, Aralon: Sword and Shadow) while paying above the average price of $4.62 lets you access three additional titles (The Cave, The Room Two, Carcassonne). While these titles aren’t exactly blockbuster games they are still sold choices and should prove to be interesting.

Bag It!

  • The concept of this game is that you will have to pack items into the bag. As simple as it may sound it is actually quite challenging. You will have to make sure that all items fit into the grocery bag so there will be some rotating of items involved. Just make sure that you don’t break that carton of eggs.

R-Type II

  • If you are into old school arcade style horizontal space shooter games then you must try out this title. This game is the sequel to the classic R-Style game and takes place two years after. You get to pilot a ship called R-9C as you try to shoot down all your enemies.

Aralon: Sword and Shadow

  • In this game you get to choose to play a human, elf, or troll. The game takes you to a kingdom in a brink of collapse and you are the key to bringing it back to its former glory. This title is one of the better RPG available for the Android platform as you get to explore the landscape, embark on quests, and battle it out with various enemies.

The Cave

  • If you love puzzles then this game is for you. This game is developed by Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions and allows you to solve various puzzles. Since you get to choose three characters the puzzles become more complicated since there will be instances when a puzzle can only be solved by a specific character.

The Room Two

  • This is another puzzle game that is a sequel to The Room. You are locked in a specific location with the task of solving a series of puzzles. Most of the rooms are interconnected so anything you do in one particular room has an effect on the other. It’s up to you to discover what it is.


  • In this game players take turns drawing tiles in order to build the world of Carcassonne. The tiles may represent cities, roads, or fields and can only be laid down where their sides match. You are also given “meeples” which you can deploy to your tiles. Winning the game requires the combination of tiles and meeples.

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