Huawei supposedly working on a new Tizen smartwatch

Huawei Watch

The #HuaweiWatch has set the bar very high in the smartwatch market. With its premium design and circular display, the manufacturer showed the world what a relatively new player in the scene can do. A new rumor is now claiming that Huawei might be looking to bring its talents to the Tizen platform as well. Huawei is one of Tizen’s early partners, along with Samsung, so this move makes complete sense.

While Android Wear is OS agnostic to a great extent, it is hoped that the new Huawei smartwatch will have the same set of compatible devices, thus vying directly with the Apple Watch. Huawei recently mentioned that it won’t release any Android Wear devices this year, stating that the components required for a modern smartwatch have not been perfected yet. It is also being said that Huawei is not particularly satisfied with Google’s Android Wear platform, which doesn’t allow much room for OEM customization.

This new Tizen smartwatch will apparently be developed in accordance with Samsung, who have been responsible for some of the best smartwatches we’ve seen so far (Gear S3 and S3). The future certainly looks interesting for smartwatch fans, don’t you think.

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