Huawei makes a U-turn on its plans to launch a dual-booting handset

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Dual OS or dual-boot devices have been debated in lengths before. While it’s practical for the user to have a device which will boot into Windows or Android whenever they want, the people who provide the software don’t quite see it that way.

Some days ago, a Huawei official made it public that the company plans to launch a dual-boot Android/Windows Phone handset by Q2 of 2014. But now the company has backtracked from those claims, clearly due to pressure from either Google or Microsoft. A company spokeswoman has categorically claimed that the company has changed its plans since the official made those claims last week.

Google was never happy with this concept to begin with as we’ve seen several dual booting tablets go missing mysteriously. The recently launched ASUS Transformer Book Duet will probably see the same fate. Huawei claims that it will continue launching Windows Phone handsets for Microsoft until there’s ample demand. The manufacturer is already committed to Google as all its new flagships run Google. So this appears to be a classic case of trying to keep both Microsoft and Google happy, which is probably what the company needs to do to survive in the mobile industry.

Source: Fierce Wireless

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3 Replies to “Huawei makes a U-turn on its plans to launch a dual-booting handset”

  1. It may take a while for us to see successful dual boot phones or tablets.
    It’s understandable that OS makers protect their product from competition in whatever way possible.

  2. I’m not surprised to hear about this. I don’t know if we’ll ever see dual OS smartphones when all of these OS companies are in competition with each other.

  3. This was evident a couple of days back when there was a report saying that the company has already stopped the development of the product. This was very much expected.

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