Huawei Honor 8 receiving Android Nougat by February 2017

The #Huawei #Honor8 was released in mid-2016 with a mightily attractive hardware specs sheet. In order to retain the customers’ faith in the device, Huawei has mentioned that it will send out the Android Nougat update to the Honor 8 starting February 2017. The update will also bring along EMUI 5.0 with the device, which will certainly bring some innovative new features to the table.

The Honor 8 is currently available unlocked and off-contract in the U.S. for just $299.99. The smartphone comes with dual rear cameras, which is a trend that was sparked off initially by HTC with its dual-camera toting One M7. But technology has come a long way since HTC’s handset, with Huawei using a monochrome sensor along with a standard camera to increase contrast and picture quality.

The handset is currently running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, so it was always on the cards to receive the Nougat update.

Do you own an Honor 8? What do you make of this proposed update timeline?


Via: Android Central