HTML 5 Developer’s Conference Adds HTML 5 Hackathon

The Silicon Valley International Game Developer’s Association is holding an HTML 5 Developer’s Conference September 27th at the Westin Hotel on 3rd Street in San Francisco on Tuesday September 27th. The all day event will focus on thriving development in the HTML 5 world with speakers including David Herman of Mozilla, Jason Hoffman at Joyent,  and Lilli Thompsen and Steve Souders, both from Google.

All of the speakers and sessions at the developer’s conference will focus on the theme “Java Script and HTML5 for Great Justice”.

Today they’ve also announced that there will be a two day hackathon September 23rd and 24th at Eventbrite’s headquarters in San Francisco. Game developers will be able to hack on platforms like Sibblingz’s Spaceport platform, Eventbrite, Crowdstar, MongoDB, Yahoo, Google, Node.js and more.

“With the overwhelming interest we’ve gotten in HTML5DevConf, we thought there was a clear opportunity to reach out to thought leaders in the gaming developer community and host an HTML5 Hackathon,” said Ann Burkett, chair of SV IGDA and conference organizer.

If you’re a game developer and want to participate in this first of it’s kind hackathon click here  if you want more information on the HTML5 Developer’s Conference click here