HTC’s profits could increase by 52% in Q2 2014

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According to BNP Paribas, HTC’s poor run might not last long as it will reportedly record an increase of 52% in profits in Q2 2014 compared to the current quarter. It is said that new handsets like the upcoming HTC One and the Desire 816 will help the Taiwanese manufacturer get back on its feet and record substantially improved profits. These are mere predictions of course, so it’s very likely that those numbers could change.

But considering the demand we saw for the Desire 816 in China where it sold 50,000 units in just 10 minutes, we’re guessing HTC’s upcoming offering will receive a similar treatment.

The new HTC One is scheduled to launch next week immediately after its announcement, so it could have a major impact going into Q2. Of course, we won’t know how HTC has fared in Q2 until the end of June, but it should make an interesting reading.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is expected to release more devices in the coming months, focusing strictly on the midrange devices which have a massive demand in developing nations. HTC desperately¬†needs this to stay afloat in the highly competitive mobile industry. There have been rumors across the internet about HTC making the next Nexus 10 tablet. We’re not sure how feasible that is, but it should be something to look forward to as well.

Source: China Post

Via: GSM Arena

8 Replies to “HTC’s profits could increase by 52% in Q2 2014”

  1. Right. And I really dig the metal body of the first HTC One. But this year’s iteration is a bit disappointing.

  2. I think they will do really well with their HTC One. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s one of the top selling phones. I like HTC’s feel and usability compared to Samsung phones.

  3. Yes, there is stiff competition for this Taiwan-based company. But looking at the demand for the all new HTC One, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 debacle (it is), I think HTC will be able to make up with all the losses.

  4. I’m with you on that. Its an awesome phone. The build quality and the way it feels in your hand is what I like the most. However, the battery backup could have been a bit better.

  5. Really? That’s good news. I heard this Taiwan-based company is facing stiff competition in China and in other markets like the US.
    I’d say the HTC One is great phone though.

  6. Very much true. HTC makes really good phones. It’s only the marketing part of the company that needs another round of thinking from the company’s C-level people.

  7. HTC One is definitely a very good handset and will most likely give Samsung a good run for its money in the coming months.
    HTC must double their effort in marketing this flagship to be successful though.

  8. I read the news yesterday. 50,000 units of the Desire 816 in few minutes, if I’m not wrong. And that’s an insane number! I’m just happy to see HTC coming back to form. Samsung has something to be afraid of now.

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