HTC’s New Devices Coated The Same Way NASA Coats Satellites

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HTC Casing being treated with MAO, It's like a thunderbolt hitting the phone (LOL)

Since the introduction of the HTC G1, and even before that, HTC devices have been durable. They’ve always used an aerospace quality aluminum casing which makes the phone look and feel, more durable, because it is.

HTC has decided to up the ante on their casing design by using a process that’s new for them called MAO. Micro Arc oxidation is the same treatment that NASA uses for it’s aluminum, on satellites. They take the phones original aluminum case and run 10,000 volts of energy through it. The process is similar to having the phone casing struck by lightening.

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After the 10,000 volt energy burst a chemical reaction occurs essentially turning that piece of aerospace grade aluminum into a strong ceramic. According to HTC, MAO makes the casing 5x stronger than the original aircraft aluminum and 3x stronger than stainless steel without affecting the weight of the casing.

As you can see in the video these new casings after the MAO treatment are stronger and more durable. In fact the HTC representative in the video suggests you don’t even need to use a case to protect the phone.

HTC has introduced their MAO treated casings with the new HTC One series of smartphones, specifically the HTC One X. There’s no word on whether this will be the process used for every casing here on out but it’s definitely, as HTC says, cool.

source: AndroidHeadlines