HTC website confirms the One M9 moniker

HTC One M9

We’ve been eagerly waiting for the unveiling of the HTC One M9 smartphone, which will take place just a day before the MWC event kicks off in Barcelona. And today we’re getting confirmation that the smartphone will indeed be known as the One M9, thanks to the manufacturer’s website.

A page hosted on the HTC website makes the mention of “HTC One M9” when viewed from the HTML view. There’s also the phrase “One Life” shown here, which is the company’s promo slogan for its upcoming products.

It is likely that HTC will drop the parentheses for the model number which in this case would be M9. Previous HTC flagships were known as the One (M7) and the One (M8) respectively, but the current flagship might be simply known as the One M9 instead. This is a minor change, but could reflect positively on the company’s promotional materials.

The announcement of the One M9 will take place on Sunday, the 1st of March, so we only have under two weeks left until the handset is revealed.

Source: HTC

Via: Pocketnow