What to do with HTC U11 with a flickering screen issue? [Troubleshooting Guide]

HTC U11 is deemed among the best Android smartphones to date. It is packed with many advanced features, promising every end-user with the best smartphone experience. Nevertheless, the new HTC U11 is also not exempted from issues. Among the commonly raised concern is on a display issue about flickering screen. What could have possibly caused these problems to occur on such a powerful Android handset and what should be done in order  to get them fixed? These are the main questions that will be addressed in this post. Hence, if you have landed into this page while scouring for possible solutions to a similar issue on the same device, then this content might be able to help you. Keep reading to learn more.

But before we go to our troubleshooting, if you happen to be looking for a solution to a different problem, then I suggest you visit our HTC U11 troubleshooting page for we may have already addressed concerns that are similar with yours. Feel free to use our solutions and workarounds. If they don’t work and you need further assistance, you can always contact us by completing our Android issues questionnaire and hitting submit.

What causes the HTC U11 screen to flicker?

There are only two possibilities in this case, either it is  a software glitch or hardware damage. First, your HTC U11 might have something in it that is causing the screen to flicker. Take for instance when certain app becomes corrupted and goes rogue. When the faulty app is opened or running, it may cause the device screen to flicker. The flickering screen in this scenario is one of the symptoms of app malfunction. Another possible software-related issue that can trigger the same display problem on the phone is a broken file like corrupted videos, audios, and other contents. When you try to open any of these corrupted files on your device, most likely they won’t open. Instead, they will cause the app or device itself to act weird as well. There are also other cases where the phone screen flickers after installing an update. Usually in this case, you will need to re-configure or make some adjustments to the display settings and other relevant options. Major updates usually override your current settings so it likely can cause conflicts. There are also some instances wherein the problem is isolated to an application as the screen only flickers when using certain app.

In worst case scenario, screen flickering can be an indication of broken display or hardware damage on the phone. This is most likely the culprit if the problem started after you dropped your phone or soak it wet. Should this be the case on your end, your only hope to fix the problem is a tech repair.

Recommended workarounds and solutions to screen flickering problem on HTC U11

For as long as the problem is not on the hardware, you still can do something in an attempt to fix it by yourself. You may refer to the highlighted solutions and workarounds below should you wish to troubleshoot the flickering screen problem on your HTC handset. Before you proceed, be sure to check your device for any possible signs of hardware damage.

Doing so will save your time and effort in performing unnecessary troubleshooting given that what your device really needs is tech service. Otherwise, you may go ahead and try some applicable solutions.

First method: Reboot your device (soft reset).

Minor software glitches are often rectified by a soft reset or simple reboot on the device. To give this a try and see how it works, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Power button to turn it off.
  2. If the display is off, press the Power button to turn it back on.
  3. Press and hold the Power button and then tap Restart.
  4. Your phone will then boot up.

If your device does not respond when you touch the screen or press the buttons, you can use the hardware keys to have it restart. Here’s how:

  1. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for about 10 to 15 seconds until the phone vibrates.
  2. When the phone vibrates, release both the buttons.

A soft reset won’t affect any data stored on your phone thus considered a safe method to try when dealing with minor flaws on the device software.

Second method: Boot into safe mode and diagnose apps.

To rule out the possibility of a third party app causing the screen to flicker, you can try to boot your HTC U11 into safe mode and diagnose apps in the state. All third-party apps and services are temporarily disabled in this mode, allowing you to easily determine whether or not a third-party app is the main culprit. Here’s how to boot your HTC U11 into safe mode:

  1. While your device is on, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds to turn it off.
  2. Press and hold Power Off when prompted.
  3. When the Reboot to Safe Mode dialog box appears, tap OK.

Your phone will now restart and you should see Safe Mode label at the lower part of the screen. This means that it is already running in safe mode.

Observe your device while in safe mode. If the problem is gone, try to uninstall the recently downloaded app that you suspect is causing the screen to flicker.

  • To uninstall app on HTC U11, open Settings-> Phone-> Apps-> Downloaded-> then select the suspected app and tap Uninstall then OK to confirm action.

To switch back to Normal mode, just restart your device.

Another way to boot into Safe Mode is using the hardware buttons on your HTC U11. Here’s how:

  1. Press the Power button to turn the phone on.
  2. When the HTC logo appears on the screen, press and hold the Volume Down button until you see Safe Mode at the bottom part of the display.

If your phone works as intended and the screen does not flicker while in safe mode, then the problem is triggered by a third-party app rather than a faulty hardware. Remove or uninstall the most recent app you have downloaded on your device then see what happens.

Third method: Wipe cache partition.

To eliminate the possibility about the problem being triggered by some corrupted or broken system files on the HTC U11, performing a wipe cache partition can help. Unlike a factory reset, no personal data will be erased in the process but can yield the same positive results. If you’re all set to give it a shot, then here’s how it’s done:

  1. Power off your HTC U11. Make sure it’s completely powered off.
  2. Press and hold Power and Volume Down at the same time.
  3. When you hear the phone vibrates, release Power.
  4. At the HTC Download Menu, release Volume Down.
  5. To navigate in the menu, press Volume Down repeatedly to highlight the Reboot to bootloader option.
  6. Press Power to confirm selection.
  7. At the No Command screen, press and hold the Power and Volume Up.
  8. Once you’re in Android Recovery release Power.
  9. Press the Volume keys to navigate and highlight Wipe cache partition from the recovery menu.
  10. Press Power to confirm selection.
  11. Wait until the cache partition is completed then highlight Reboot system now option.
  12. Press Power to confirm action.

Observe your device and see if the screen still flickers afterwards.

Fourth method: Master reset (factory reset).

A factory reset, also called a hard reset or master reset should only be considered the last resort should all else failed to solve the problem. The process will revert the phone back to its initial state and factory default settings will be used. This means you will lose all your personal data on your phone storage including downloaded apps, accounts, contents, along with system and app data and settings. With that said, be sure to back up your phone before you for this reset. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Tap the Apps icon from the Home screen.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Backup & reset.
  4. Tap Factory data reset.

Note: Be sure not to select or select the Erase SD card option so as not to delete media and other data from your SD card.

  1. Tap Reset phone.
  2. Tap OK to confirm action.

Alternatively, you can do a master reset or hard reset from startup. Here’s how:

  1. Turn off your phone by pressing and holding the Power button for a few seconds, then selecting the option to Power Off.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down button and press release the Power button to turn your device back on.
  3. When you see the HTC logo, release both buttons.
  4. Press the Volume Down to highlight Factory Reset option the press the Power button to confirm selection.

Your device will then reboot when the hard reset is finished.

Other helpful suggestions for you to consider:

  • Try to adjust the screen brightness. Sometimes, other devices tend to act a little weird when the screen brightness is set to a higher level or the opposite. To make sure this is not causing the problem, try to adjust the display settings on your HTC U11. Here’s how:
  1. Tap the Apps icon (square dots) from the Home screen.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Display & gestures or Display, gestures & buttons.
  4. Tap Brightness Level.
  5. With the Automatic brightness option selected, drag the slider to set the maximum brightness level. Doing so will set a limit on how bright the screen will be when Automatic brightness is selected.
  6. If you want to set the screen brightness manually, clear the Automatic brightness option then drag the brightness slider to the left to reduce the brightness level or right to increase the screen brightness.
  • Try to remove the SD card. If you are using a storage card and the screen flickers with the SD card inside, try to remove the SD card and see if the screen still flickers without the SD card. If the problem persists, then the SD card is good, otherwise, it is the trigger. Reformatting the SD card might be able to fix the glitch or have it replaced with a new one if necessary.
  • Remove screen protectors. If you are using screen protectors, cases or other accessories, try to remove them and see what happens without them on. Some accessories may touch the screen and trigger it to flicker.
  • Close all running apps. If the screen flickering happens when using multiple apps, try to close all apps. If it occurs when running a specific app, try to uninstall that app. If the problem is fixed, do not re-install it.

Seek further assistance

If none of the prior methods is able to fix the screen flickering problem on your HTC U11, you may opt to escalate the problem to your device carrier or contact HTC support for further assistance in troubleshooting or other options.

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