HTC teases the arrival of “Something Huge”, could it be the One M9 Plus?

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As we all know by now, HTC is expected to announce the One M9 flagship at an event in Barcelona which is scheduled for about 10 days from now. And as we lead up to the announcement, the Taiwanese manufacturer has teased the arrival of “Something Huge” to further fuel our excitement.

The company has already acknowledged the arrival of the HTC One M9, so it is possible that the company is referring to a different device here. Our first guess is the large sized One M9 Plus phablet which is rumored to be launching alongside the One M9. You can find the company’s complete tweet below and decipher whatever you can.

Another theory which is currently floating around suggests that this is HTC’s rumored tablet, which was reportedly going to be based off the Nexus 9.

What do you think HTC is trying to tell us here? Could it be the One M9 Plus or is that tablet we’ve heard so much about?

Source: Twitter

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