HTC Sync Now Doing Itunes Sync On Some Models

If you’re an Android user and an HTC owner of the HTC Rhyme or the HTC Sensation XL and you keep all of your music in i-Tunes you’re in luck.

HTC has added iTunes Sync to HTC Sync for both the Rhyme and the Sensation XL. According to just install the update to HTC Sync and if you have one of the supported phones, HTC Sync will automatically look for your iTunes data and sync it over.

Try it out for yourself and let us know in the comments if it works.

source: HTCSource

2 Replies to “HTC Sync Now Doing Itunes Sync On Some Models”

  1. My ipod. Collects. Dust. Same with iTunes account. Amazon, Google music, slacker, Spotify, there are better options.

  2. I’ve had iTunes sync for music for my HTC Desire (original version) since the 1st HTC Sync upgrade (from the version that came with the phone), I just never used that feature since I’m not really into making music playlist, and I don’t really listen to music with my phone?! lolz…

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