HTC Releases Source Code And Binaries For Developers


The HTC Droid DNA is arguably one of the best phones the company has released this year and received a lot of praise from the Android community. Those who have been itching to tinker around with the device have surely been a bit anxious, but that can be put aside now as HTC has released the open source code and binaries for all developers who want to take a crack at it! This code is based off of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and it mean for developers that want to add improvements to the device, or create ROMs for it and etc (I think we all know the mod community will be trying to push the limits with this device). HTC releasing this source code should also make those who unlocked the DROID DNA’s bootloader fairly happy as well!

With Android being open source, it’s great that companies like HTC are encouraging people to improve the smartphone through ROMs and etc. There are a few companies — like Motorola — that don’t do that, which often puts a huge negative effect on their smartphones (e.g. the Atrix 2). I think it’s just awesome to see HTC encouraging users to create ROMs for the Droid DNA. A lot of the ROM developers out there probably think its awesome as well (overstating the obvious here!)!

If you want to grab the source code, make sure to hit our source link below!

Are you happy to see that HTC has released to necessary source code and binaries for development? Let us know in the comments below!

source: HTCDev
via: TalkAndroid