HTC Releases Promo Videos For The HTC One M9

Now that the HTC One M9 is official, HTC can start marketing it. To promote their new phone, HTC has produced two videos, with one highlighting the design of the M9 and another narrated by Robert Downey Jr about how we are all One.

In this first video, the HTC One M9 is being made out of flowing streams of metal and gold against a space background.

In the second video, Robert Downey Jr is pondering life on Earth and saying that even though we are individual people, we are One. The video itself is a series of shots of people using the new device in various situations across the globe.

There is still no specific release date for the device, but since HTC said mid-March we should hopefully hear of a release date soon.

Sources: HTC (1), HTC (2) via Android Central