HTC One X Now Available From AT&T

One of the best Android phones we’ve seen in a while is the brand new HTC One X. We’ve had it in our office for about two weeks now and we’ll have a complete review shortly.

Early on we can tell you that the screen is absolutely brilliant. The phone is very light and feels great in the hand. The white version looks sharp. Moving from screen to screen is extremely fast and some of the quirks from the combination of Android 4.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich are quite convenient.

The camera on the HTC One X is absolutely incredible. You can snap shots in a pinch and move from video to camera without any hesitation. The images are sharp and can be edited on board before sharing them with your favorite photo sharing site like Instagram or Facebook.

In the audio department, when you plug a pair of headphones into the Beats Audio enabled HTC One X you get a sound that can’t be beat from a phone, no pun intended.

While we don’t have a Tegra 3 version of the HTC One X available to compare we can tell you it’s the fastest phone that we’ve tested from a realistic use case.

The HTC One X went on sale Sunday at AT&T stores and retailers nationwide. The beast of a phone will cost you just $199 on a new two year agreement.

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If you haven’t been paying attention the HTC One X has a 4.7 inch Super LCD 2 display with 720p. The AT&T version has a Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 dual core processor at 1.5ghz. It has an Adreno 225 GPU handling the graphics.

The camera on the rear is 8.0 megapixels. The camera on the front is 1.3mp. There’s 1gb of RAM on board and 16gb of on phone storage.

Go get one today at your AT&T store.