HTC One Won’t be Available in Red


So we’ve all basked in the glory of the HTC One yesterday and we clearly liked what we saw, well most of us did at least. There’s plenty to like about the device, and that includes the new Super LCD 3 display, the 4MP “ultrapixel” camera and the new version of Sense UI. But there’s one more thing to like about the smartphone, and that is the color variants it was allegedly going to be sold in. According to HTC’s website as of yesterday, the smartphone would be available in three color variants – Red, Black and Silver/White. This is a refreshing change from the black and white colors usually associated with HTC devices. However, it seems like we might have to get used to the old arrangement for the time being. The option to choose between different colors now lists only the Black and Silver variants with Red removed completely. So it seems like an error on the part of HTC that the Red variant was even listed in the company’s official website. Sadly for us, it’s not something we would have liked to hear, because we were really looking forward to seeing the red variant.

On the flipside, the removal of the variant could mean there’s a delay in its arrival more than anything else, so it might not be right to jump to conclusions. Regardless, it’s not something you expect from a company like HTC to make an error that big on its official website. The smartphone itself could use a fresh color variant as it looks vaguely familiar (think the BlackBerry Z10). Perhaps, HTC is scheduling the launch of the Red variant after the buzz tones down a bit, which isn’t a bad idea really. This is something which Samsung did really well with the Galaxy S III as it launched a unique Garnet Red variant a few months after it was initially announced in Blue and White variants.

Whatever the reason, we think it was genuine, so I guess it’s pardonable. And I’m fairly certain that there weren’t going to be people lining up outside stores to get the Red variant of the smartphone specifically, so I guess it’s not all that bad. If you’re not all that into the exterior of the HTC One, you would be pleased to know that the smartphone packs a moderately sized 4.7-inch Full HD display with an industry topping pixel density of 469ppi. Couple that with the 4MP ultrapixel camera which apparently features better color reproduction and much improved low light photography, and we’ve got a potential winner. The design allows for the speaker grille to be located on the front, which avoids blockage of sound when placed on a flat surface. There’s 2GB of RAM as well as 32 and 64GB of storage options to choose from. Android 4.1.2 is packaged with a 4.2.2 update on the horizon, which is a letdown really. But the latest version of the Sense UI (version 5.0) more than makes up for it.

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Source: HTC One Product Page
Via: Android Central