2 Replies to “HTC One M8 Fix For App Crashes, Freezing, Download Errors On Google Play Store [Part 2]”

  1. Thank you so much! After this morniing’s software update from AT&T which looked pretty mandatory, I was screaming. After “optimizing” 261 apps during which I could not read my online newspaper, Google Playstore and lots of other apps were knocked out of commission! I still hate these fuggin updates. They destroy my life and screw up my phone. But I got Play Store back and reloaded some apps I thought I could uninstall and then reinstall. . . until I realized I lost Google Play Store and even Google Chrome and almost everything Google from this damned stupid update!

  2. Thank you! Your partition cache wipe steps fixed my Google Play App store install/update issue and saved my sanity! Thank you so very much!

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