HTC Merge Not Verizon’s First LTE Phone As Previously Reported

Verizon Wireless held their press conference call on Tuesday December 1, 2010 and revealed that their 4G LTE rollout starts this Sunday.  We’ve covered all that ground in this post here.

One thing that we didn’t immediately take into consideration was the forthcoming HTC Merge.  Last week a Body Glove case for the HTC Merge showed it’s face, then Android Central reported that the HTC Merge is featured in the ad above in the next issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.  Although they usually don’t comment, an HTC spokesperson told “Unfortunately, that the lead time of print magazines and the realities of product timing do not always line up. We’ll keep you posted”

Well from all of this we can safely say that the HTC Merge is the next Android device out of the gate on the Verizon Wireless network and it’s due any day now.  During the press conference call Verizon’s Tony Melone, made it clear that no LTE devices would be available before 2011 and that they would be made available before Q2.  We already know that the Motorola Etna is due to hit Verizon around that time and is rumored to be the first of their LTE smartphones. He also said that they would be announcing devices at CES in January 2011.

The HTC Merge, originally leaked by via Android Swag’s Aaron Kasten on August 4, 2010, is a feature packed HTC device and kin to the HTC G2 on T-Mobile.  We’ve already learned that the HTC Merge will not be billed “Droid” and it will be “Bingafied” now we’ve deduced that it will also not be an LTE device.  If you’re ready for a good 3G option be on the lookout for the HTC Merge, presumably before Christmas.

Source: Android Central and Verizon Wireless

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