HTC M7 specs, release date, rumors and speculations

Rumors about HTC M7 started to build up earlier this month so it is not the first time we’ve heard about this device. Sources say the Taiwanese manufacturer has already started working for its flagship in 2013. Others say HTC might even be the first manufacturer to use Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset. If these rumors were true, then the flagship phone would be the perfect device to sport such a powerful processor.


Most recent rumors, however, suggest HTC M7 will be packed with a Qualcomm SOC with quad-core processor. For now, there are conflicting speculations on what comes packed with this device or if M7 really exists. Now, here are some of the rumors and speculations we’ve heard about it.

HTC M7 Specs and Release Date

Display. While other manufacturers are trying to build larger smartphones, rumors have that HTC is most likely to retain the size of the screen of HTC One X, 4.7 inches. This year’s flagship sports an IPS LCD2 touchscreen, next year’s is said to come with SoLux display panel and feature a Full HD 1080p resolution.

Hardware. Again, HTC M7 is believed to come with a Qualcomm chipset feature quad-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz contrary to previous rumors about Tegra 4. Considering the trend that smartphone makers are giving their devices more memories, M7 will also come with 2GB RAM and at least, 32GB internal memory with a microSD card slot for expansion.

Camera. One X has 8MP camera, M7 is expected to come with 13 megapixels with more advanced autofocus feature among others. With a sensor like that, recording 1080p videos is a breeze. Of course, it can attract photographers and enthusiasts.

Connectivity. Aside from standard connectivity features, HTC M7 will support 4G LTE making it not just powerful but also fast in terms of data transfer as expected of new smartphones. HTC Sense UI may also be packed with among other software upgrades.

Battery. A 2300mAh battery will be given to M7; that’s way bigger than One X’s 1800mAh pack. With it, the device can last, at least, 12 hours of straight talk time over 3G.

Release Date. As per reports, HTC is planning to make an official revelation of M7 and its specs in February during the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. There must some truth behind this rumor considering the company also revealed its flagship at MWC this year.

HTC M7 will take on rumored Samsung Galaxy S IV and Apple iPhone 5S. It is difficult to speculate on the device’s price for now but we can expect it to be a little higher than the price of One X.

[source: Unwired View]

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  1. I’m a Sprint user & purchased an original HTC Evo. Worked great & was definitely a leader at the time. Would have bought an HTC View 3G/4G as well but Sprint discontinued sales.

    I use the 8.0 mp camera often for work–there has never been an issue; and when the charge port went bad I chose to simply replace it with the same rather than upgrade since Sprint hasn’t brought 4G LTE to where I live & work yet–so running 4G compensates for a 3G default & although slow in some areas the mobile hotspot was one of the first built-ins so for the occasional but necessary times I’ve needed that feature it saved the day. (it used to be a 1.3 mps in an VT area I visit but Sprint’s cutbacks in shared service agreements now has it running about .6 mps–but that’s more a carrier issue–not a phone issue especially an old phone!)

    Its also nice having the HDMI out (its a mini or micro whatever but I have the cord so I don’t need to remember) & more TVS are still set up for HDMI than WiFi or specific manufacturer devices. I did add whatever the biggest storage chip that fits (forget if its 32 or 64) & the removeable battery allowed me hotswaps during a New Orleans trip where I took pics & video at 22 parades during a 9-day Mardi Gras visit–I don’t think any sealed battery phone could handle that!

    So, hopefully HTC will bring out something worth the switch AND SOON–I have enough family members running different other newer phones including the Samsung SIII but I can’t see risking the upgrade discount based on what my needs are even when the SIII 16 Gb was only about $50 with new two-year agreement & no current 4G LTE (probably would have upgraded if it was available or there was a 3G AND 4G default when not available.)

  2. You can’t be anymore wrong about what you just said. First of all, are you a guy or girl. The reason i ask is, because if you show a most guys a super amoled and htc lcd screen and ask which would you prefer your t.v. screen to look like, they pick the lcd screen, way cleaner, and much more clear and natural. If you ask a girl, they pick the samsung screen because its brigbt, colorful, and pretty.I would break my t.v. if I had to stare at that crap all day. Second, the evo 4g lte and S111 have the same processor. Not only that, fhe EVO consistently gets higher scores on speed test abd quadrant. So don’t know how you came up with that statement, unless your on a different carrier. And if you are on a different carrier, then you should of went with the ONE X+. It destroys the S111 in speed test and quadrant, simply put, it’s superior to the S111.

  3. Let me reply since you had to throw in a samsung comment. First of all, samsung wanted to be like HTC, as did motorola, LG, and so on. HTC is the founder of the android market. The first for everything that is android, other than dual core, as that was LG, which was a failure phone anyways, so it might as well been HTC. That’s called being innovative, not being a follower. We would’nt be as competitive, or as advanced in the android market today if HTC would have sat back and followed in the foot steps of samsung, as samsung’s done for years wifh HTC. Samsung waits every year till HTC brings out its flagship. All i ever hear about is a SD card slot, REALLY? If 16 or 32 gigs of storage is’nt enough, GET A LIFE, QUIT STINKIN LIVING LIFE THROUGH A PHONE!!! I had the S111, and other than a few cool features that is’nt nothing more than a novelty. The only time tbey will be used is when you show your friend ” hey, look at the cool gimmick my phone can do “. Now that I have the One X+, I can show my friends all this stuff ” the built quality, ( not cheap plastic ), the beautiful screen, ( not that over saturated looks like a childs coloring book for a screen. The best icons, not those little kid ones. And how can anyone compare the picture quality with the camera’s. The only way the S111 pictures look any good, is witb a real, real close up, or from a distance. If you zoom in, the pictures are crap. With the ONE X+, you’ll never need to purchase a camera, thats how good the quality is. Then I show my speed test scores, an average of 42 to 48 mbps download and 10 to16 mbps upload on my HTC ONE X+. What was i getting on my S111 you ask, I was getting between 23 to 28 download and 3 to 6 upload mbps. That’s right, not the least bit of competition. Then I show them my quadrant scoring where I get on average between 7200 to 7800 on the ONE X+, on the S111 quadrant scores on average, 4700 to 5200. These are the things I show people what my phone can do. You are right about one thing, HTC has problems with there batteries, but look at it like this. Its like having a Mustang Shelby, or Camaro SS, it’s hard to vet a lot of miles on one tank of gas with all that power under the hood. Don’t worry sammy fanboys, now that once again HTC lead the way, Samsung can play catch up once more. And to all you real men out there, if you ever catch me with a little kid, girly super amoled screen, with those childish icons, slap me up side the head. Thanks HTC for getting us to where we are in the android market, hopefully people will start figuring out like they once did how great your phones are, and quit being follower’s. It shows your character if your a Samsung fanboy ( follower ), as that’s what Samsung is, HTC ( leader’s ), as that what HTC is. Also, little shout out to Apple, for turning on the light.

  4. I started off a HTC fan but as of lately I will have to admit HTC has really fell off with the phones in 2012 I bought the HTC evo 4 G LTE and was disappointed I don’t know if it was the slow 3 g Sprint service or the processor but this phone was extremely slow even when I was in a 4G area I also bought the Samsung Galaxy 3 and was amazed how fast it was and how clear it play movies and videos

  5. Oh please I hope Verizon gets this phone. 5 in is too dam big, 4.7 is perfect, stay with that size. I’ll get this phone over Samcrap and Ipoop.

  6. I agree with you jon I would have immediately got the dna if it had more storage I would have been fine with a non expandable 32 which is what all the other sites are saying the “m7” is gonna have. Idk though because google is trying to get rid of sd cards and having all the 4.2 phones lose sd capability (at least for now) doesn’t help htc s descision on whether or not to have it. I’m with the sprint so if nothing else it’ll probably be an evo with a kickstand and added slot 😀

  7. The HTC “M7” (This is the stuff that would make it perfect in my eyes at least)

    Just a few things I would love to see in the new HTC “M7″ that I know are probably not going to make it into this phone 🙁 One… can dream at least. (Pun intended)

    1. Quad Core A15 Processor (Exynos5, Tegra4 etc.) but the A9.5 S4 Pro is still nice (not a deal breaker) although microUSB 3.0 (supported only on A15 processors) would be epic!
    2. 64GB storage space (like the One X+) and not a GB less more would be ok though 🙂 Unless they include an SDcard slot! Then 32 or even 16 are ok… (This would be a deal breaker like the DNA)
    3. Screen size of 5″ would be nice but 4.7″ is nice as well good pocket-able size (to me both are good, I just like 5” a bit more)
    4. Big Battery!!! At 2300mAh the tiny battery (look up: RAZR HD) might be ok but IF it’s any less than that it will NEED to be removable! (Deal breaker for this too)

    A few things that I always see popping up that pi$s people off are Storage Space and Battery life/size (and yes, battery size) even though each phone consumes batteries at different rates people just like bigger batteries period. Same with STORAGE! Cloud sucks, fine its ok BUT if you have data caps and speed issues and coverage issues and… Ahhh damn it just put more storage in the phone already!

    I probably won’t be getting this phone because of HTC’s track record; they always have a nice phone with a few MAJOR flaws/items missing that would otherwise make it a bomb shell great phone… wtf HTC…

    Hint for HTC: best of “J Butterfly” + best of “One X+” + a real battery = Perfect high end halo phone! (Notice: I didn’t say Droid DNA because lack of SDcard slot hint hint). It’s not like they don’t have the tech/stuff to make a phone like this, they just need to put it a SINGLE phone already and release it with no modifications on all the carriers. Kind of like Samsung… Hmm and I wonder why Samsung sold so many phones. You know it’s not all about advertising (a good chuck of it is), you also have to have great hardware not just ok hardware that’s not up to par in ALL aspects.

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