HTC Droid Incredible to be first Android Phone with Vcast Market Apps

Verizon has emailed us to confirm that an update for the HTC Droid Incredible will begin rolling out next week. As part of that update Verizon is including access to it’s Vcast App store.  A few months ago Verizon sent a wave trickling through the developer community by outlining plans for it’s own app market.

Verizon promised a more streamlined approach to development and purchase of approved apps in the Vcast market. The other advantage to the Vcast market is it offers “carrier billing” meaning if you like the app, download it now, pay later on your Verizon bill.

T-Mobile  has had carrier billing as part of the Android Market for the past few months with great success.  By allowing carrier billing via the Android Market the apps stay with the user not the carrier. For instance if you get a purchased app from the market and then buy a galaxy tab using the same “Gmail” account you can have apps on both devices. The apps you purchase in the Vcast store will stay with your Verizon account even if you change carriers.

source: Verizon Wireless

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