HTC Could Be Working On Two More Windows Phones

The HTC Windows Phone is only a few days away and we’re already hearing a bunch of rumors as to what HTC has up their sleeves in regards to Windows Phone devices. We have already seen some various leaks about the HTC 8X which also goes by the name of the Accord. Now we are hearing a few things about two new Windows Phones from HTC called the 8S and 8V.

If you remember, the 8X device is reported to be a 4.7 inch HD Super LCD 2 screen device with an 8 mega pixel camera, a dual core Snapdragon processor with support for NFC (Near Field Communication). Some earlier speculations said that the 8X was 4.3 inches, so right now its up in the air. Some have said that this could be the successor to the HTC Titan II and designed after the HTC One X Android device. The HTC 8S is rumored to have to be a 4.3 inch HD Super LCD device like the 8X was, and themed around the HTC One S Android device that also, as you’ve seen, boasts of the 4.3 inch screen. A lot of speculation and rumors are saying that the 8S has a microSD expansion slot and either 8GBs or 16Gbs of storage options.

Lastly and certainly not least, the HTC 8V is rumored to be a sort of entry level Windows Phone device with a 4 inch WVGA screen, a 5 mega pixel camera, 512MBs of RAM and the dual core Snapdragon processor. If rumors prove to be true with the other “8” series phones, the 8V will supposedly be following the design of the HTC One V Android device.

While rumors a lot of the time are pretty disappointing, the nice thing about it all is that we won’t have to wait very long until we find out if they hold any substance or not. I do think that the 8X has the One X body (for obvious reasons) with just a few cosmetic changes that runs Windows Phone 8 and helps keep the handset distinguishable from a Windows Phone and a Android phone. It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that HTC will also probably pulling out the designs for other One Series phones and do the same as they probably have with the 8X.

Again, all of this is just speculation for now. We have no idea what will be happening at the HTC Windows Phone event next Wednesday. All we know is that we’ll definitely be seeing a couple of HTC Windows Phone devices, beyond that, it’s all rumors.

All of that said, would you be interested in getting an HTC Windows Phone 8 device based off of the One Series of phones, or would you rather see HTC trying to pull in a little more creativity into the scene? It’s not uncommon to see people do small touches to a device to distinguish it between another, so it’s pretty possible that we could see this happening.

Any thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below!

source: WP Central