HTC Bringing A Budge Dual Sim Android To China Dubbed The HTC Wind

Dual SIM phones are popular overseas in Europe, Asia and India. A dual SIM phone allows the user to use two different wireless services on one phone. They are perfect for people that want to totally separate their work and personal lives. They are also perfect for business travelers to keep a home SIM and an away SIM in the same phone.

OEM’s can offer dual SIM phones everywhere around the world except the US because of our ridiculous carrier subsidy model. In most overseas countries, especially Europe, Asia and India, you buy the phone outright for a little less than it would cost here off contract. You keep your phone however long you want and you buy service (a sim) through carriers. It lets the user pick the phone they want on the carrier they want, novel huh?

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Typically dual sim phones have run on the expensive side, however HTC is reportedly bringing an affordable dual-sim phone to China.

The HTC Wind,which goes by the model number T328w, is a mid-range device with support for two SIMs. In addition to the two SIMs, it has a 1ghz single core processor, 512mb of RAM and a 4inch WVGA display.

According to our friends at Pocketnow HTC is going to run Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4.0 on this device. With it’s 2011 inner hardware they should be able to keep this dual sim phone in their lower end of the price bracket.

source: via  Pocketnow