HP Bodhi Emerges with Android 4.2, Tegra 4 CPU and UXGA Screen, But What Exactly Is It?

Historically speaking, HP has always had a moody love-hate relationship with Android, but it appears that’s bound to change. The Slate 7 might not be the most popular tablet in the world and the SlateBook x2 looks like a niche device unable to ever break into the mainstream.


And yet rumors of an Android-based smartphone being prepped by HP have intensified of late. Plus, something carrying the cryptic HP “Bodhi” codename has been spotted in GFXBench’s database just a few hours ago.

By “cryptic” I mean we really have no idea what this Bodhi is. It could well be a smartphone, maybe even one tied with that “Brave” fellow, it could be a tablet or, knowing HP, it could just as well be a hybrid, all-in-one PC, Android-powered laptop, etc, etc.

Judging by the codename, we can definitely assume HP has high hopes for it, since “Bodhi” in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the nature of things, being traditionally translated into English as “enlightenment”.

In terms of specs and features, we only have a few bits and pieces for the time being, but they’re enough to pique my curiosity. An Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU clocked at 1.8 GHz is listed as juicing the device, while the display boasts an exotically-sounding 1,600 x 1,128 pixels resolution.

HP Bodhi

That’s most likely 1,600 x 1,200 (aka UXGA) with on-screen buttons, which as far as I know is a very unusual resolution for smartphones or tablets. In fact, according to Wikipedia, UXGA is not used in laptops in recent times either, but only in 20 to 22-inch monitors.

Hmm, does that mean we can narrow it down to Bodhi being either a gargantuan tablet or an all-in-one PC (probably running both Android and Windows)? It sure looks like it, though deep down I’ll still be rooting for this to be a smartphone.

On the software side of things, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is easy to spot in the “system” section of the gadget’s description, although I’m afraid we’ll have to wrap things up there. Again, for the time being only, because if HP plans to “enlighten” us, chances are we’re in for a leak bonanza. Starting in 3, 2, 1…

Via [GFXBench]