Howard Stern Switching To Android?

Howard Stern has seemed genuinely intrigued lately by his Producer and side kick Gary Dell’Abate’s new Droid 2 smartphone.¬† Last week he apparently asked Dell’Abate if the internet was faster on his Droid 2 than Stern’s Blackberry, for which Dell’Abate reported back that it was.

One of his listeners, who is some kind of phone tester for a living, told Stern to wait until the HTC Merge came out (which is now apparently scrapped for Verizon and moving to their sister company Alltel) so shows how much that guy knows. Hopefully Stern will move to Android and might we reccomend the HTC Thunderbolt when it comes out.

See the video at our good friend’s Droid Life (also the source of this piece)

4 Replies to “Howard Stern Switching To Android?”

  1. as a long time listener to HS, unless jeff shcick (his pal from IBM) tells him to, he aint doing much.

    his main system still runs lotus notes.

  2. I’ve been listening and there have been calls coming in with misinformation about the various android devices, hope he doesn’t get discouraged by them.

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