How To Update Software On Poco M3 Pro

Update software on Poco M3 Pro to eliminate random software glitches and tough bugs that slowed down the phone’s overall performance. Not only it clears the smartphone’s operating system, but also provides additional or enhanced features. Thus, removing outdated features, and improving the software’s stability. If you haven’t received a notification about an update being ready to be downloaded and installed, manually check for the latest software version available for your Xiaomi device.

In this tutorial guide, we will show you the easiest way to manually update your Poco M3 Pro’s operating system. The process will require you to have a stable internet connection, enough memory space, and sufficient battery life. Once you are ready, follow the steps we mapped out below.

How To Update Software on Poco M3 Pro

  1. From the main screen, go to Settings.
  1. Tap About phone. 
  1. Tap the MIUI version.
  1. If you are not prompted with an update, tap check for updates.

Once shown with the latest software version, follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the update. If the phone does not automatically restart after the process, turn the phone off and on again. This is to ensure that the update will be implemented properly. 

Expect a phone with a better performance with enhanced or new features being added. The system update doesn’t delete the phone’s data nor uninstall downloaded apps, but it is advised to backup the phone prior to the update to avoid unpredicted data loss. 

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And that’s how you manually update software on your Poco M3 Pro device. I hope this article has helped you one way or another. Please show us your support by sharing this post. We also have a YouTube channel that showcases video tutorials and helpful troubleshooting guides for smartphones. Hit the Like button and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you for reading!

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