How To Uninstall A Game Using GOG Galaxy

You can easily uninstall a game using GOG GALAXY from the “manage installation” menu of the specific game. Once the game has been uninstalled all of its components will be removed from your computer. If you want to play the game again it will have to be redownloaded.

GOG is a digital games distribution platform that delivers DRM free games to the Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms. Its gaming client is the GOG GALAXY 2.0 which allows GOG games to be easily managed. Getting this client is optional as you will still be able to download and install games bought from the GOG store even without this application.

Uninstalling a GOG game using GOG GALAXY 2.0

One of the features of the GOG GALAXY 2.0 client is that it allows you to easily manage your games. You can purchase download, and install games using the client. When your computer is running out of storage space and you have a certain game that you don’t play anymore then you can easily uninstall it using the client. Here’s what you need to do.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Uninstall GOG Game using GOG GALAXY

  1. Open GOG GALAXY.

    You can do this by clicking on it from the start menu list of applications.Uninstall A Game Using GOG Galaxy

  2. Click on Installed.

    This can be found at the left pane and will show a list of games you have installed.Uninstalling a GOG game using GOG GALAXY 2.0

  3. Click the game you want to uninstall.

    This can be found at the right game to be uninstalled

  4. Click Customization.

    This can be found on top just after the play customization

  5. Click Manage installation.

    This is the third link on the drop down manage installation

  6. Click uninstall.

    This will uninstall the selected game from your uninstall

  7. Click uninstall again ( place check mark on “Also remove local savegames and user data” if needed).

    This will proceed with the uninstall process.uninstall game

After performing the steps listed above you will successfully uninstall a game using GOG GALAXY 2.0.

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