How to Take Screenshot on Poco M3 Pro

Want to capture what’s on the screen but don’t know how to do a screenshot on Poco M3 Pro? Let me help you on how you can do it on the smartphone. Read this post to know more about this feature. 

You don’t need to use another camera phone to take a picture on the Poco M3 Pro’s screen. All you need to do is to use the screenshot feature that is associated and offered on the device. 

A screenshot is a copy of the image on your phone’s screen. It is sometimes called screengrab or screencap if you are using a computer. This feature has benefited a lot of smartphone users and removes the hassle of taking a picture with what’s on the screen. 

Screenshots can be useful to those who need a picture on their screen for future references. They can save it on their device and access it later. Just imagine that you see something cool on the internet and would like to check it later, you can simply take a screenshot of that stuff so that you won’t forget about it. 

Let us find out how you can take a picture of the screen on your Poco M3 Pro by following the steps provided below. 

Steps to Screenshot on Poco M3 Pro: 

  1. Swipe down at the upper-right corner of the screen. This will provide the shortcut menus. 
  1. Tap the screenshot icon. It is the icon with a scissor under a box. 
  1. You can also use the hardware keys. Press the Volume down key and the power key simultaneously. 
  1. You can also do the slide three-fingers down on the screen. But you will need to enable this via Settings > Additional Settings > Button shortcuts > Take a screenshot. 

The things that you have screenshot on the Poco M3 Pro will be stored on the phone’s internal storage. You may access them directly by going to the Gallery and selecting Albums. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. 

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