How To Set Up Wi-Fi on Mi Note 10 Lite

Set up Wi-Fi on Mi Note 10 Lite and be able to connect to the internet without consuming your phone’s data plan. One of the useful features Mi Note 10 Lite offers is the Wi-Fi feature. Not only will this save your phone’s battery life and mobile data, it also gives you the chance to experience faster internet access. The transfer of data would be quicker compared to using your mobile internet plan.

If you are in an area where wireless networks are available, you can set up your Wi-Fi using the steps provided below. Read further.

How To Set Up Wi-Fi on Mi Note 10 Lite

  1. Select the Settings icon.
  1. Tap on the Wi-Fi option.
  1. Toggle on the Wi-Fi switch to enable the feature.

Wait for the phone to search for available networks. Then select the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect to. Enter the password (if the network is encrypted) and follow the onscreen prompts to be connected to your chosen network.

Once the phone is connected, you’ll see a Wi-Fi indicator on the top of the screen showing the number of signal bars the wireless network has. By then, you can start using your favorite internet-operated app, surf the net, or whatever activities you wish to do that require internet connection.

If your device can’t find available network, turn the device off and on again. Disable the Wi-Fi feature, and then re-enable. Then wait for the phone to search for available networks again.

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