How to Set Up Portable Hotspot on Redmi Note 8

Be able to share the internet connection from your Redmi Note 8 device by setting up its portable hotspot feature. The illustration below will help you out in turning your Redmi Note 8 device into a mobile or portable hotspot. Read on and be guided.

Enabling the phone’s portable hotspot option will make the phone a Wi-Fi network. And just like any other wireless networks, other devices will be able to connect and share the phone’s cellular data. If you don’t want to share your mobile data to the public, it is ideal to set up a password for your portable hotspot. This tutorial will cover everything, so continue reading.

How to Set Up Portable Hotspot on Redmi Note 8

  1. Select Settings from the Home screen.
  1. Tap Personal Hotspot.
  1. Select Set up Portable Hotspot option.
  1. Select the type of security (select WPA2 personal), set up a PIN or password and confirm
  1. To complete the process, tap the Personal Hotspot option to make sure it is already enabled. Toggle the switch on when needed.

Once the portable hotspot option is turned on, you can start sharing your Redmi’s mobile data to other devices. Make sure the Wi-Fi options on both devices are enabled. You can connect multiple devices to your Redmi Note 8 simultaneously as long as your phone has an unlimited data plan. However, this will slow down the internet speed on connected devices.

If you are unable to turn on portable hotspot option on your device after following the given steps above, contact your network service provider to verify if the feature is supported by the network.

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