How to Remove Android Ads in Galaxy S3

Remove Android Ads

A question regarding how to remove Android ads in Galaxy S3 recently reached us via Mailbag. The email reads, “I have ads that pop up as an email browser. Obviously it came from an app I downloaded. I have cleared the cookies and it keeps resurfacing. How do you remove it? It is one that features games.”

Google Play has No Apps that Can Remove Ads in Android

While this is definitely annoying, Google Play no longer offers apps to remove Android ads. Somewhere in March, Google banned ad blockers from its store due to the fact that it violates the section 4.4 of its Developer Distribution Agreement.

Effectively Remove Android Ads from Galaxy S3

Here are remedies to eliminate Android ads:

1. Download and Install Ad Blocking App

Despite Google’s policy against ad blockers, you can still download and install apps such as AdBlock, AdAway and other popular apps for this purpose, which were originally offered by the Google Play store, from outside sources. You can easily find these online through Google’s search engine. Just type “ad blocker for Android” or any related keywords in the search bar.

Be sure allow the installation or download from Unknown Sources in your device though so you can install apps outside of Google Play store. You can simply find these through the Settings of your device. Some apps may also require rooting, thus, review the requirements of each app before downloading.

2. Uninstall or Buy the App that Trigger Ads

Uninstalling the apps that generate the advertisements effectively remove Android ads. Some of them can also be eliminated by buying the app.

If you are having problem locating the apps triggering Android ads, install AirPush Detector or similar programs to determine the source of the advertisements.

3. Go Offline

You can disable Android ads as well by going offline whenever you are using the app that triggers them.

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