How To Perform A Factory Reset On LINKSYS Routers

When you perform a factory reset on your LINKSYS router all of the settings that were made will be reverted to its initial values. Make sure to have a copy of your personalized configurations such as username, password, and other security settings.

To perform a factory reset:

  • To begin a hard reset, first find the Reset Button. This is usually located at the back panel beside the WAN or Internet port. There is a possibility though that the position may vary depending on the model of the router device.
  • After finding the Reset Button, press it for approximately 30 seconds continually with minimal force using any pointed object that can make contact with the button.
  • Once the Reset Button is released, the indicator lights in the front panel of the router will blink for about three to five times. This will indicate that the settings have been restored to their factory defaults.
  • Open the Web browser of any computer connected to the router. Linksys by default normally uses the IP address for the router. Type this IP address in the Web browser’s address bar
  • When the router login screen is displayed, leave the ID field blank and type ‘admin’ in the password field. This process completes the resetting of the router device.
  • Make the necessary changes in the settings of the router (especially security settings) before closing this utility screen. Turn off the router for about 10 seconds and power it up again to reflect the changes.