How To Get Google Maps On iPhone 5

When Apple announced it wouldn’t be using Google Maps for iOS 6, it built some kind of excitement considering people know it has all the capacity needed to realize its plans. The iOS 6 Maps application was thought to be a great feature until people found some things that no one ever expected—crooked images, mislabeled places/spots, missing public transit info, and hilarious satellite shots.

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For now, it is fair to say that the iOS6 map is inferior to Google Maps, at least, it is far from what Google Maps achieved as far as accuracy is concerned. If you are one of the people who oftentimes rely on their smartphones for direction, you may have to pass using iPhone 5 Maps app for now and temporarily use what Google has to offer.

Apple is now working on these issues and sooner or later it will roll out an update to fix them. The iOS 6 Maps app with its Flyover feature and turn-by-turn voice navigation is the best feature Apple can off to its customers. But let’s face it, this is the first time any iOS device owners have used it. Needless to say, it is relatively young and there could still be a lot of crooked images or mislabeled places that haven’t discovered yet. Therefore, it would be practical to use (at least, for now) the more accurate Google Maps.

Here’s how to get Google Maps on iPhone 5 via the homescreen bookmark icon:

Step 1: Launch Safari on your iPhone 5 and enter on the address bar.

Step 2: Once Google Maps page is loaded, there may be a notification asking whether you allow to use your current location or not, choose Okay if you’re fine with it.

Step 3: Google will ask you if you want to add its icon on your Home Screen. If it doesn’t, find the share button at the center of the menu bar and tap “Add to Home Screen Icon” and tap “Add” on the next pane.

You will have an icon on your home screen that would be similar to the Google Maps app you’ve been accustomed to.  For now, this method will have to make do until Google releases the standalone app.

Google Executive Hints Google Maps App In the Work

Google executive Dan Cobley was recently interviewed on Bloomberg TV where he commented on Apple axing the popular Google Maps from iOS6.  In the interview Cobley may have inadvertently suggested that Google’s working on a standalone Google Maps app for iOS.  Cobley told Bloomberg TV:

iPhone 5 users can still use Google Maps just by download them or going to the Google Maps website.

Of course, there currently isn’t an official downloadable Google Maps app in Apple apps store, so it could be inferred that such app is in the works.  But whether Apple apps store carries this app (and allowing users to install without jailbreaking the phone) is another story.

Here’s CNET’s collection of the images that do not look so good on iOS6 Maps app.

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  1. Thanks you so very much for explaining how to get Google maps on my new iPhone 5. I use it constantly and would not want to have to deal with a lesser mapping program. The choice of bus routes vs. walking and car is fantastic for getting around Chicago.

    Thanks again!


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