How To Fix Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Connection Issues on Samsung Galaxy S4 [Part 1]

Problem #9: Samsung Galaxy S4 stops receiving messages and calls and mobile data no longer working after updating to Lollipop

Hi DroidGuy. I downloaded the update today pushed on me, and now it will only connect via Wi-Fi and no calls or messages. Rewind to KitKat maybe? All the best — Andy

PS: If you can help me fix it tonight, £10 via PayPal my friend.

Hi there. My S4 will not connect to my service provider; can’t get calls or texts. FYI: Just downloaded Lollipop. — Raiden

Solution: Hi Andy and Raiden. First of all, we offer our service for free for our readers so thank you for letting us know of your intention to pay, Andy.

As regards your problems, the first thing that you should do to try and fix it is by wiping the cache partition. This is a standard troubleshooting step after a major operating system overhaul to delete any rubbish left from KitKat.

You can then proceed to boot up the phone in Safe Mode to determine if the new firmware is to blame or the third party apps and settings. While in Safe mode, the phone won’t load the downloaded apps so it’s a neat way of isolating where the trouble stems from. This is a safe procedure to do as it will not affect your personal data so you can do so without creating a back up…yet.

You might need to do a factory reset if the problems continue after wiping the cache and booting up in safe mode.

Now, if you continue to be unable to make calls or receive them after doing a master reset, kindly call your service provider and let them know about a possible problem in your area. If there’s no network coverage issue in your location, some other factors on their side may be to blame.

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  1. My samsung J7 2015 data, does not work unless I restart it. And then after using, I turn off the data. While ago it won’t work again, if I turn on the data so I have to restart again my phone. Same routine, whenever I turn off the data, It won’t work again for the 2nd time you turn it on and so on. why do I need to restart my phone before it works. ? What’s the problem? Thanks.

  2. @Julie. its a hardware problem . D blue tooth and wifi are on d same chip. so d chip is disconnected from ur phones motherboard.either due to a fall or hard hit. It will need to b opened to reconnect it back. no other solution. factory reset. settings changing etc won’t work. take it to a trusted repair centre.

  3. Comment*
    Am using Samsung note 4 , I have a problem with my mobile data connection, I keep on receiving Mails, messages and also am able to access the Internet whiles the mobile data is off.

  4. My Samsung Galaxy S4 on Net10 (a tracphone company) updated from KitKat to lollipop because I kept getting the notification for AT&T to upgrade the device. Well, I lost my data capability although I could call out using the phone. My Net10 was s BYOP SIM card. When I installed this card a year ago, I had to configure a Net10 Access Point Name.

    The solution was this and I am not seeing it above. Evidently during the upgrading process the Access Point Namd (APN) was switched to AT&T. Selecting Net10 restored it back to everything!

    Settings>More>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names

  5. please i have a problem with my samsung s4 verizon when i open its mobile data i cant use my internet connection and its brand new american version but am in cameroon so with hotspot it cant open am so confused what can i do please to solve the problem?

  6. Hi

    I have a sumsung J3 it is eating airtime and data even when I’m not using any application and not making phone calls. How can I sort out this problems?

  7. Hi, my sumsung j3 phone eat data even not browsing or downloading and even when mobile data is off. It is also eating all the airtime when not phoning how can I solve this problems.


  8. Hey I have an Samsung galaxy j2 prime and it connects perfectly fine to my WiFi but the internet won’t work and I know its not a problem of the router or service becausr i have another phone that is conected to the same network and it works just fine

  9. My Samsung A3 Does not connect data at all. I tried to switch it off and on but it still gives me same problem. Please help me.

  10. I have redone ping test & soft reboot but still my samsung a5 2016 wont connect to wifi. It says “turning on” & then fails. Don’t really want to reset to factory settings as loads of music on here, is there anything else I can try?

  11. I am connecting my phone with wifi but it is disconnecting with wifi and automatically connecting to mobile data.please provide me a solution for my issue
    My device is Samsung galaxy core GT-I8262, and my operating system is android jelly bean

  12. My samsung S4 is having an issue with both the WiFi and the Bluetooth. Neither is able to turn on at all. When the WiFi button is pushed it thinks for a while and then just turns it off without activating. Same goes for the Bluetooth. The phone is virtually useless at this point unless I want to use all my data. Please help. We have tried restarting, trying to activate it multiple times, taking out the battery while the device was powered on, and factory reset with no success. The only thing I haven’t tried is to take out the innards and check out the actual hardware. Before I go this route I’m wondering if you have any other suggestions.

  13. My problem is regarding ” Mobile Data ” unable to be active. Even so I pressed it, but as I checked in About device/Status/Mobile network state. It’s disconnected.
    So I tried every a-z as you posted up there. Non of it worked. So yeah.. Any other solution regarding this ? It just happened after I received a Software update just yesterday, But after the update, it worked fine for a while. So I went outdoors, then I switched to MD it was fine for an hour, then the icon disappeared.

  14. Ummmm my blackberry is a z10 and it says I need a data connection to work it, what is one and why can I use my normal internet

  15. @cassidymichaelwall:disqus – You’re trying to make yourself sound like an expert by mentioning alogcat and ADB…meanwhile you’re an idiot for dissing on a person who is giving advice for those googling on their issues…so if you dont know how to do a backup, carry on googling and ye shall find it…otherwise carry on standing in the queue at your SP!

  16. I have a question. Do you work at AT&T? Not everybody wants or needs to do a factory reset. Its the absolute last option to use. Im sorry but that was some of the laziest fix advice ive ever read. Im having problems with my data(not wifi) connection with no phone or text. I went to at&t and guess what, im gonna need a system restore. Idiots. 4th time ive been told to do that there but never have. I just research a little and fix it myself. Im gonna figure out with wrong with my phone by running an ADB with alogcat and troubleshoot with terminal emulator and do it myself. You should get a bit deeper next time. Alot of people cant even backup their phones.

    Note3 5.0.2 Dialed_Pimped_Aurora.Full-S6.Port.No.3.0

  17. my samsung s4 is suddenly restarting every minute or so and neither wiping cache nor starting in safe mode work. luckily, in airplane mode the os becomes stable and i was able to back up my data to my laptop. i have an SGH-M919 with TMobile and am running Android (or whatever it is) 4.4.4 …everything was fine until I woke up this morning — battery had only charged 50% over night (should have been at 100%) and it kept restarting. …also, I cannot turn off password protection to None. I only have a few seconds between restarts in regular mode and inputting my PIN takes valuable time. Any advice?

  18. my samsung galaxy mini is not connecting to mobile data.first is all fine but after restore setting my mobile data not working all the remain are working. wifi,getting call,messages,videos all fine but only mobile data not connecting

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