How To Fix Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Connection Issues on Samsung Galaxy S4 [Part 1]

Problem #9: Samsung Galaxy S4 stops receiving messages and calls and mobile data no longer working after updating to Lollipop

Hi DroidGuy. I downloaded the update today pushed on me, and now it will only connect via Wi-Fi and no calls or messages. Rewind to KitKat maybe? All the best — Andy

PS: If you can help me fix it tonight, £10 via PayPal my friend.

Hi there. My S4 will not connect to my service provider; can’t get calls or texts. FYI: Just downloaded Lollipop. — Raiden

Solution: Hi Andy and Raiden. First of all, we offer our service for free for our readers so thank you for letting us know of your intention to pay, Andy.

As regards your problems, the first thing that you should do to try and fix it is by wiping the cache partition. This is a standard troubleshooting step after a major operating system overhaul to delete any rubbish left from KitKat.

You can then proceed to boot up the phone in Safe Mode to determine if the new firmware is to blame or the third party apps and settings. While in Safe mode, the phone won’t load the downloaded apps so it’s a neat way of isolating where the trouble stems from. This is a safe procedure to do as it will not affect your personal data so you can do so without creating a back up…yet.

You might need to do a factory reset if the problems continue after wiping the cache and booting up in safe mode.

Now, if you continue to be unable to make calls or receive them after doing a master reset, kindly call your service provider and let them know about a possible problem in your area. If there’s no network coverage issue in your location, some other factors on their side may be to blame.