How To Fix Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Connection Issues on Samsung Galaxy S4 [Part 1]

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S4’s Wi-Fi connection does not work

Hi there. I just followed your instructions at regarding issues people have been having with accessing Wi-Fi on their Samsung Galaxy S4, but it is still not connecting. Oddly, it just started this a few days ago but was fine until then (I got this phone about 6 months ago).

The signal is strong, the password is correct, I cannot see any other setting that would have changed. Might you be able to help?! Thank you! — Linda

Solution: Hi Linda. Have you downloaded any update before this problem started happening? Please try the solutions below on how to fix issues after updating to Lollipop to see if they’ll help.

Also, try checking for any router-specific restriction that may come at play here. If you were able to connect to this router previously, somebody may have changed its settings to prevent your device from connecting to the internet. If you don’t know how to do MAC filtering, IP filtering, hardware firewall configuration, make sure to reset the router to its factory defaults to ensure that all of these restrictions are taken off.