How To Fix Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Connection Issues on Samsung Galaxy S4 [Part 1]

Problem #3: Internet apps not working/Unable to download apps from Google Play Store on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Hi. I recently purchased s Samsung S4 Mini. Whenever i install an app from Google Play Store or the internet it cuts off the internet connection. An example is I installed ‘Avast Mobile Security’ and thereafter the internet connection was disconnected. Why would this happen?

That way incoming and outgoing and texting works fine but all internet based applications i.e., Gmail, YouTube, Google, etc. get disconnected.

Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks. — Caroline

Solution: Hi Caroline. Are trying to use your mobile data connection or Wi-Fi when trying to connect to the internet? Try switching to either Wi-Fi or mobile data to identify if your phone has a possible issue with any of its radios.

If you’re having trouble connecting using your mobile data, verify that your phone is properly connected to your network. You can do this by either calling your carrier or checking your phone’s settings. You can also try to perform a soft reset on your device by shutting it down and removing the battery for at least 30 seconds.

If you know someone who has the same network service as yours, ask them if they have the same problem so you can report it to your provider.