How To Fix Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Connection Issues on Samsung Galaxy S4 [Part 1]

Problem #10: Intermittent Wi-Fi connection after updating Samsung Galaxy S4 to Lollipop

Hi. I really hope you can help and any advice will be greatly appreciated. The problem is that the Wi-Fi networks keep repeatedly appearing and disappearing.

Problem: It started with the Lollipop upgrade. It didn’t do this using KitKat. Go into Wi-Fi and it lists the available networks. It connects to the home network for a few seconds up to a minute. It says ‘scanning’ and the list of networks disappear, it disconnects from Wi-Fi. Then sometime later it says ‘scanning’ again they appear again and it connects. It repeatedly sees then loses the Wi-Fi networks. It does this with other routers although some seem to stay connected for much longer.

I have tried many suggestions from the internet but none helped.

Finally I did a factory reset and before restoring anything or entering the home Wi-Fi code I saw the networks repeatedly appearing and disappearing

So I suspect it is either Lollipop or hardware.


Samsung Galaxy S4 GT19505

Andriod 5.0.1

Baseband I9505XXUHOD7

Kernel 3.4.0-4760392 [email protected] #1

Build LRX22C.I9505_5.0.1_0011

Smart network switch is off (tried both on and off)

Network Mode LTE/WCDMA/GCM (Auto connect)

Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep – Always

Many thanks for any help in advance. — Los

Solution: Hi Los. If you will follow all the suggested solutions above on how to fix problems after updating to Lollipop, we think you can eliminate this trouble. It appears that something is tripping the Wi-Fi switch to turn on and off by itself. While we cannot totally eliminate the chance of a possible hardware problem, the most likely culprit may be a corrupted firmware. If our suggestions above will not work though, kindly find a way to have the phone replaced.