How to fix Wi-Fi issues on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


Wi-Fi connectivity has become one of the indispensable core features of any smart device including the vaunted Samsung flagships, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. As Wi-Fi hotspots sprouts all over, it is hard to imagine using a $500 device without Wi-Fi functionality. While problems relating to Wi-Fi pales in comparison to other popular issues like app crashes or operating system failures and glitches, we are still getting a decent amount of questions and requests for support from time to time. We hope that this post will answer some of the queries sent to us.

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t pull up Wi-Fi

If you really can help me I would appreciate it. I just got this phone today and while my husband can find out Wi-Fi connection at home on his devices this phone won’t even pull it up so that I can connect to it. After countless hours on the phone tech support could not help me. Please help! — Shaylie

Solution: Hi Shaylie. We are not sure what you mean exactly by “phone won’t even pull it up so that I can connect to it” but if the device is missing its basic Wi-Fi capability, something is definitely wrong with it. If you can secure a replacement, please do so at your earliest convenient time.

In case we misinterpreted what you mean, please get back to us with more details.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S6 does not show notifications real time when Wi-Fi in on but screen is off

Hi. When i activate Wi-Fi, i don’t get my notifications real time unless i open, for example, WhatsApp. if I have the Wi-Fi activated and the Galaxy display is off, i don’t get the notifications unless i open WhatsApp. That doesn’t happen to me when I’m using mobile data; the notifications get on real time and i don’t need to open the app. i will appreciate your help. Thank you. — Andres

Solution: Hi Andres. What type of notifications are we talking about here? Kindly specify what particular notifications are you missing. Otherwise, you can do a factory reset to bring the phone to its defaults.

Problem #3: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 can only send text and calls when connected to Wi-Fi

I bought my phone 3 months ago.  It has been working great except sometimes it drops internet at my house (no Wi-Fi & I live in rural areas) occasionally.

For about a week it had said I needed a wi-fi to download a large software update. I forgot about it until three days ago I began having problems making calls, no internet & battery seemed to go a bit faster. But still could send texts although sometimes took a while. So went to a T-Mobile store & used their wi-fi to download the large software update. After that I had internet in the store (wi-fi), could make calls and send texts.

When I go home nothing worked. I went to places where my phone normally works 100% of the time and it doesn’t. IT now only works when I have wi-fi access.

I am getting no mobile network error and mobile data turned off. But when I checked the mobile data was turned on. I went back to T-Mobile and  they did factory reset and even changed out SIMs.  It was again working in the store but when I left, phone calls were right away not working well through Bluetooth and then no internet etc.

I am now on a two week wait list to have my phone replaced with a refurbished one. I would love to avoid this and get mine working. I think the key issue is that it is saying my mobile data is turned off but when I looked at it – it is for sure turned on!  Please help. Thanks. — Christina

Solution: Hi Christina. The carrier-specific update from T-Mobile may have been changed to effect these problems you are having. If you have already tried resetting the phone to its defaults, we don’t think there’s still anything that you can do at your end to fix the problems. We are certain the reason has something to do with that update because all your problems are network-related–internet, mobile data, calls. T-Mobile should fix the issue for you as we have no way of diagnosing where the error begins in the first place. Based on your problem description, you don’t have these issues when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Please try calling T-Mobile’s hotline and ask for their technical support team to help you. Store attendants may not be trained to diagnose any network-specific problems that’s why they almost always recommend a replacement as tast resort. On the other hand, their technical support team on the phone may be able to help you check some T-Mobile-specific items that we are not aware of. There may be some provisioning issues that needs to be addressed here including giving the phone the proper APN settings.

Problem #4: Wi-Fi connected Samsung Galaxy S6 unable to create a Gmail account

Hello, okay so I recently just bought my Samsung Galaxy S6 and I connected to Wi-Fi. However when I made my Gmail account, it said it’s having trouble connecting to the server. I don’t know a lot about electronics so I’m not sure what to do and I’m new to Androids! I’d greatly appreciate the help!(: 

Thank you. — Alivia

Solution: Hi Alivia. Make sure that your S6 is connected to the internet first before attempting to create a Gmail account. You can do so by using an internet-based app or by going a website like the using the phone’s browser.

The error message you are getting is an indicator that the device may be connected to a local network like your Wi-Fi but not to the internet.

Problem #5: T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling not working when connected to another Wi-Fi network

Hi. I was staying a week at a place where there was poor cellular, T-Mobile, service. However the Wi-Fi network was very good and my Galaxy S6 connects just fine. All apps and internet browsers work. I am unable however to make any Wi-Fi calls or texts. The error message said unable to connect for Wi-Fi calling. The Wi-Fi network did not require a password and apparently this is the problem according to T-Mobile after having me try a factory reset which as we all know is excruciating!!!

I called Samsung and they said there is nothing wrong with the phone and know nothing about why it is doing this. When I got home, I selected in my settings to use only Wi-Fi (I have a secured password network) and no cellular service and was able to make Wi-Fi calls and texts.

Is there something else that can be done to be able to connect in open Wi-Fi networks too? Thanks. — Heidi

Solution: Hi Heidi. T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling feature has to meet some requirements before it can work on their Wi-Fi calling-capable phones. For one, the local network you are trying to connect to must allow such feature in the first place. You need to work with the network administrator to check this out.

Also, Wi-Fi calling feature needs a minimum of 25 Mbps and you must be about 15 feet from the router to work properly.

Based on T-Mobile site, these are the technical requirements in order for Wi-Fi calling to work:

  • Access to a Wi-Fi router with a high-speed internet connection
  • A Wi-Fi calling-enabled smartphone
  • A valid 911 address on file

Problem #6: Galaxy S6 syncing and loading problem when connected to Wi-Fi

So, I have used the iPhone on AT&T since its launch, I decided I needed a change and about 2 months ago went with the Galaxy S6.

I found it to have a few minor issues with apps and a much lower quality battery than the iPhone which I decided I could live with so continued with the device, connectivity was ok and the apps were ok.

Now out of nowhere I started having an issue where when connected to WIFI anywhere certain pages do not load or they load  very slowly. ex: Facebook will either not load or images do not show up.  My mail application will not sync on WIFI. I can do common web searches and use other Apps that require connectivity.

I have found that if I want my Email, Facebook and other affected apps to load properly I need to shut down and restart WIFI and all of a sudden they work for a few minutes syncing my mail and allowing images to load, then within minutes nothing will sync properly again and FB images and pages will not load again.

I have tried the RAM reset, I did a full phone reset and nothing seems to help.  When I am using LTE mail and Facebook sync and load fine, but if I connect to WIFI they will stop within minutes unless as I said I shut off WIFI and restart it.

Do you know of any known issues or workarounds to help me with my issues? Thanks. — CL

Solution: Hi CL. We notice that you did not mention checking your Wi-Fi connection speed. Keep in mind that if your Wi-Fi connection speed is slow, or if the network is congested, it’s understandable that syncing and/or loading of apps may be slow too.

Problem #7: Galaxy S6 cannot connect to work Wi-Fi

Hi there. I have had my Samsung S6 for a couple of weeks now. Prior to that I had a Samsung S3 which I used to connect to the WIFI here at my workplace fine. Since changing to the Samsung S6 it won’t let me connect to the staff Wi-Fi here. I have no problems connect to our home Wi-Fi.

I have contacted our I.T people to check things out on their end and it turns out it is not a fault with them but my phone. These are the following things I have done to try and help the connection:

  • Power off to reset the phone
  • Rebooted my phone
  • Forgot the WIFI name
  • Had another staff member try and use there log in details on my phone
  • Changed my password

The error that comes up when I am trying to connect is:

Incorrect password & authentication error.

My I.T team have double and triple checked that it is on all the correct inputs.

Please help find a solution. Regards. — Lady

Solution: Hi Lady. If your IT team, who has access to router and network settings, cannot figure the problem out, this must be a unique phone problem. Frankly, we can’t think of any other solution other than factory reset. Please try that and if it helps.

Problem #8: Galaxy S6 cannot send text message over home Wi-Fi


I recently got the Galaxy S6 and have almost no reception in my apartment. My texts are supposed to send over Wi-Fi but they won’t. I went into the Verizon store and when I was connected to their Internet  (and in airplane mode) they sent, but when I’m connected to my Internet they won’t, and I have a strong signal and everything else works. At Verizon they told me they can’t fix a problem that isn’t there so I’m not sure what to do!

Thanks. — Julie

Solution: Hi Julie. We need more information from you to be of help. Things like the app you’re using when sending and receiving texts, error messages, etc are useful. Please be as detailed as possible when contacting us again.

Problem #9: Galaxy S6 keeps on turning off random features including Wi-Fi

Hello. My name is Lewis and just wondered if you could help with my query. My S6 Edge keeps turning things off by itself when I’m not even using the phone. The most common ones are the battery percentage and the Wi-Fi — they just randomly go off even when my phone has being idle for an hour or so. I then have to manually turn them back on when i realize i checked all the relevant settings and everything seems in order. i appreciate it’s only a small matter but very annoying and I’ve only just switched over from iPhone and am having second thoughts also due to the battery draining rapidly when idle and when in use. I can barely make it through the day and this is with a lot of things turned off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. — Lewis

Solution: Hi Lewis. We recommend that you simply perform a factory reset to ensure that the device runs on clean firmware. If you haven’t tried this before, here are the steps:

  • Shut down your Galaxy S6.
  • Press and hold these buttons: Power, Volume Up, and Home.
  • Once the blue recovery menu screen appears, use the volume rocker to navigate to Wipe Data/Factory Reset option..
  • Scroll down to Yes, delete all user data, then press the Power button again.
  • Wait for the system to complete the process and until you see Data Wipe Complete notification is shown.
  • Press the Power button once again to restart the phone back to normal mode.


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Problem #10: Samsung Galaxy S6 keeps on losing Wi-Fi connection and showing authentication error

Hello. I was wondering if you knew what is going on with my phone. I was on the internet then out of nowhere my phone loses Wi-Fi connection. I try to connect back then it keeps saying authentication error. My home Wi-Fi is the only Wi-Fi i am not able to connect to. Also shortly after, a picture of a white page pops up and has a whole bunch of words on it. Next time it does that i can screenshot it and figure out what it is about. Again my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6. Thank you for your time. — Dino

Solution: Hi Dino. Your first task is to identify the origin of the problem. These are the things that you can try:

  • Verify if other wireless devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc are experiencing the same problem. If they are, the issue must be on your local wireless network.
  • Perform a soft reset. This is the equivalent of turning the phone off and removing the battery from the device. Since you have a non-removable battery pack, simply press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for about 10 seconds.
  • Forget the network. Refreshing the network by going under Settings>Wi-Fi and tapping “Forget this Network” sometimes helps.
  • Verify is your phone connects to other Wi-Fi networks. This is to ensure that there’s no hardware trouble behind.
  • If nothing works despite having done all these, consider performing a factory reset.

Problem #11: Unable to auto-update Galaxy S6’s date and time over Wi-Fi

Hey Droid Guy.

Model:  Samsung S6, (sm-g920v)

Carrier:  Verizon

OS:  v5.0.2

I am running in Airplane Mode and Mobile Data=off because I am traveling out of the country. I can successfully use Skype over Wi-Fi, but the clock will not auto-update both the “date & time” and “time zone”.

Is this possible over Wi-Fi, let’s say hotel Wi-Fi?

Thanks. — TLPenn

Solution: Hi TLPenn. You must have enabled the Automatic Date and Time option under Settings>Date & Time. Simply disable this option and manually set the phone’s date and time to your locale and you should be all set.

There’s no option to auto-update the phone’s date and time via Wi-Fi so this is the only way to go.



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