How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Not Charging & Other Related Issues

Welcome to our focused troubleshooting series where we aim to resolve issues regarding the #Samsung #GalaxyS5 not charging. As we all know we need to keep our mobile devices, especially the #S5 if you own one, constantly powered up to use it. The moment the phone drains its power you will need to charge it. Some people bring with them a power bank to charge their devices on the go while others just charge their phones when they are at home.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Although charging a device is a simple process sometimes things could go wrong. On example of this is when you plug in the charger and the phone does not charge at all. This and other related issues are what we will tackle in this latest troubleshooting guide.

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S5 Not Charging Due To Wrong Charger Error

Problem: I plugged the phone to charge and it keeps saying I’m using the wrong charger that I need to use the Samsung charger and it won’t charge. I am actually using the charged that came with the phone. I have plugged it up to different outlets and have even used a different charger, still the same kind, and still the same message.

Solution: Samsung has introduced several new features in this model to protect its internal circuit from damage due to charging. This is why the phone can detect if it is getting the right amount of current when charging. If the current from the charger is way above or below the limit then the error message usually appears.

To resolve this issue you need to check your phone charging port first and see if there are any signs of dirt or lint. This has been known to interfere with the charging process. Clean the port if necessary using a can of compressed air or cotton bud dipped in alcohol.

Sometimes the USB cord is to blame in this case. This cord usually breaks without you knowing it since the wires inside are hidden from view. Try getting a new USB cord and see if the issue persists.

Sometimes that you receive can also be caused by a glitch in the phone software. If this is the case then I suggest you back up your phone data then do a factory reset.

S5 Not Charging

Problem: I am unable to charge my Samsung s5. I have switched my battery with my wife who has the same phone and still no luck charging her battery in my phone. I have cleaned the port too.

Solution: It’s good that you eliminated any battery related issues and cleaned the port as well. Since the problem still persists I suggest you try using another wall charger. Make sure that you also use a new USB cords. These cords are the ones that usually break first so it’s best to try a new one and see if the cord is causing this issue.

If your phone still does not charge then take out its battery (make sure your phone is not connected to the charger when doing this) then press and hold the power button for at least a minute. This completely drains your phone circuits of any remnant charge and clears out its RAM as well. After a minute has passed by reinsert the battery then leave it charging for at least 20 minutes. You may need to repeat this procedure twice if your phone still does not charge after 20 minutes

If the problem persists then this may already be a hardware related issue. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S5 Does Not Charge

Problem: As of yesterday my phone does not seem to recognize/use the cable for charging or data. When the phone is turned on, and you plug in the cable there is no notification that it is being charged (bing, or battery w/ lightning bolt). However, when I turn my phone off and plug in the cable, it vibrates and displays an empty battery with a lightning bolt. It does not show the typical green bar that indicates it is charging. This screen will display every 15 to 20 seconds and then it goes dark. Over time it is slowly charging my phone. I visited an AT&T store today and tried different cables, batteries, booting in safe mode, and a factory data reset with no luck. Is there anything more that I can do short of having someone check the hardware on the phone?

Solution: It looks like you already performed every troubleshooting step that needs to be done if the phone does not charge. One more thing you can do before sending your phone to an authorized service center is to check its charging port for any signs of dirt or lint. These particles usually interfere with the charging process. Clean the port using a can of compressed air or cotton dipped in alcohol if necessary.

S5 Charger Hot Phone Not Charged

Problem: Hi, I’m stuck with a situation. One night before going to sleep I remember charging my phone overnight. When I woke up the charger was really hot and it. I tried soft reseting and a handful of other tips but nothing is solving the main problem. Sometimes it will charge and most of the time it’s just a black screen, can’t even see the start up.

Solution: It appear that your phone is charging intermittently. Try using a different wall charger and USB cord first and see if this resolves the problem. You should also check the charging port of your phone for any signs of dirt or lint. If you spot any then clean it using a can of compressed air or cotton bud dipped in alcohol.

Sometimes this issue may also be caused by a defective battery. Try using another battery on your phone and see if the issue gets resolved.

If the problem still persists then I suggest you back up your phone data and do a factory reset. This eliminates any software related problems that may be causing this issue.

S5 Does Not Start

Problem: I just placed my phone on the desk which was working perfectly fine. After 10 minutes I realized the phone is off. I tried to on the phone again but there was no sign. I tried to press the power button on few time but there is no sign at all. Basically the phone is completely dead, no light, no vibration and no sign at all. Tried doing everything like advised in online but nothing worked. It’s still on warranty, but I am worried to send it to a technician coz i have a lot of private and confidential data in my phone. What should I do?

Solution: Try connecting your phone to a wall charger and let it charge for 20 minutes before turning it on. If your phone does not turn on then disconnect the charger and remove the battery. Press and hold the power button for a minute to discharge the phone circuits and clear out its RAM. Reinsert the battery then let it charge again for 20 minutes.

If the problem still persists then try using a different wall charger with a different USB cord. Make sure to clean your phone charging port with a can of compressed air or cotton bud dipped in alcohol before charging it. You should also try to get a new battery and use it on your phone.

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  1. Yes something started going wrong with my port and said it would cost over 200 to fix it, or I could buy a new phone. After researching a little, we bought a wireless charging pad and that worked for about a month. Now my phone not even charging, keeps flashing from “Unable to charge”- to a blank screen. I don’t even touch it and it keeps doing that. I cannot get it to charge anymore and my battery is at 5%.

  2. hey, so I was at 15% and then my s5 randomly shut off. Now it keeps flashing the charging symbol on and off. IT turns on to the home screen and shuts off again after like 3 seconds. It shows my battery is at 100 or 72 percent. What the hell do i do?

  3. I too had charging issues with the Galaxy S5. It would charge, then, stop charging. It would do this all night if I didn’t bother adjusting the charging cord. I got sick of it and ended up purchasing a WIRELESS CHARGING PAD . Best $20.00 I spent in a while. Eliminates the problem.

  4. Your info just saved the day. I did the power off, remove battery, hold down the power button recommendation and it actually worked! Thanks a ton!

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