How to fix Galaxy S9 Plus charging stopped issue (wired and wireless charging not working)

From time to time, we receive complaints from Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus users saying that their device has stopped charging. In this special article, both wireless and wired charging options are out of order. Find out what you need to do if this happens on your own device.

Problem: Galaxy S9 Plus charging stopped issue (wired and wireless not working)

Hi. I have a US cellular Galaxy S9 plus that has a none working charge port so I charge the phone wirelessly. Recently the phone began to drain very quickly and then would not charge unless the phone was pressed down on charge mat. Then it stopped completely. I had the battery replaced and attempted to charge the phone. It turned on for a moment and showed 49% battery then went off. I’ve replaced the usb cables and tried other phones on the wireless charger — they had no problems charging. I’ve also done a factory reset on the phone. Could the wireless charger sticker inside the phone possibly need replacing ? the phone is not under warranty and on monthly no contract . is replacing the charge port expensive?

Solution: We’re not sure what you mean by wireless charger sticker but if the device was charging wirelessly previously then stopped, there may be a deeper cause. It’s possible that there may be a motherboard problem or an issue with the Power Management IC. PMIC may sometimes be damaged if you use non-compatible charging accessories, or if there’s a power surge. To fix the problem, a motherboard replacement is needed.

Any repair is expensive if done without warranty coverage. Exact price may vary slightly per region and depends on the components to be replaced. Smartphone repair usually calls for motherboard replacement, which will practically cost hundreds of dollars. Unlike repair on bigger electronics, a technician can’t simply pull out a component and replace it. This is the reason why motherboard replacement is almost always the only effective way to fix any physically damaged device.

In your case, bad motherboard may be to blame since both wired and wireless functionalities are affected. We suggest that you visit your local repair shop and inquire how much a repair on your device will cost you.



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