How To Fix Freezing and Slow LG Optimus G

lg optimus g problems

Problems like freezing, slowing down, locking up, and random shut down are the most common issues LG Optimus G owners are facing. In light to the problem, we dedicate this article that will help owners fix issues they are currently facing.

Common issues you may encounter if your Optimus G has a problem:

  • Freezes
  • Performs slowly
  • Turning off and on unexpectedly
  • Unable to update and install applications
  • Often displays error messages

The following are steps we recommend to help identify and solve such the above-mentioned issues. Right after doing the steps, test the device if the issue was resolved. If there are no changes, continue on the next step.

Step 1: Perform A Soft Reset

Doing a soft reset on your LG Optimus G can help delete temporary files cached during the boot up. These data often cause the problem.

  1. Press and hold the Power key. If there’s any changes on the screen ignore it.
  2. Hold still the power key until your LG Optimus G turns off.
  3. Eventually your device will automatically turn on.
  4. Test your device and figure it out if there’s a change on the issue.

Step 2: Clear App Cache

Always remember that every application has a cache of temporary files and it’s using some space on the memory of the device. Clear the cache of larger and heavier applications to clear up some space.

Keep on clearing until you finished clearing caches of suspected apps. There’s a possibility that you can’t clear up all the cache of every application.

Always remember that you just have to clear the application cache and not the application data.

  • In clearing your application data, don’t forget that you are also deleting you’re personal data and information like your login information and high scores.
  • By clearing your application cache, you’re not deleting your personal settings and information.

Step 3: Verify if your LG Optimus G has enough memory

Sometimes issue will come out if the device has low internal memory.

Step 4: Close applications running in the background

In Android platform, applications keep running in the background so that the next time the user calls for it, it will launch faster. However, most of the times, they can cause performance issues.

Step 5: Widgets Overload

Weather and clock widgets will automatically update on your home screen.

If there were too many widgets updating and collecting information simultaneously, it is expected that the performance of the system will be affected as well as the memory.

Try removing those unnecessary widgets to improve the performance of the device.

Step 6: Uninstall recently installed apps.

After installing a certain application and you noticed there was a difference in the phone’s performance, you must uninstall the app at once. It could be that the current version of the app is not compatible, or has some conflicts, with the system.

There are also possibilities that apps freeze and run slow, which can greatly affect the device’s performance.

Note: In optimizing device performance, make sure that you are using the latest device software.

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  1. none of this crap works if the phone is FROZEN. dont’ use tags in your “blogs” if it doesn’t address the problem

  2. I hooked up my optimus LG slider yesterday ..I had broke the screen on my Samsung Galaxy. .the old phone it was working fine until it took a poop on me now if you try to push the power button to turn it off it won’t work..I have to take the battery out and after it turns on it gets stuck on the track phone screen..what do I do..uuuugggh..

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