How To Fix Error Code 0x8B0500B6 On Xbox Series X

The error code 0x8B0500B6 on Xbox Series X usually occurs when performing a system update for the first time. To fix this you need to make sure to use the controller that was provided with the console. If the issue persists then you will need to perform several troubleshooting steps.

The Xbox Series X is a next generation console that was first released in November 2020. It is capable of delivering 4K gaming at 60fps and even has a 120 Hz support. Aside from playing all of the games designed for it, it is also backwards compatible with older titles. Gamers will definitely enjoy playing their favorite games using this Xbox console.

What to do when you get the Xbox error code 0x8B0500B6

One of the issues that you might encounter when updating your new Xbox console with the latest firmware is the error code 0x8B0500B6. This usually occurs if it is the first system update and you are not using the controller that came in the box. You should either use this wirelessly or through a wired connection. In case you are already doing this and the issue still occurs then here’s the additional steps that you can do.

Prerequisite: Make sure your new console has an internet connection. It’s best to check if the firmware update error occurs when connected using Wi-Fi or a wired connection.

Solution 1: Restart your new Xbox

The first thing you need to do is to power cycle the console. This will refresh it’s software and fix any firmware glitch that could be causing this problem. To do this just press the Xbox button on your new console for 10 seconds or until it turns off. Turn on the device after a few seconds then try to check if the same issue occurs.

Solution 2: Check the internet connection

There are instances when the problem is caused by your internet connection. You will need to make sure that your console has a good internet connection to download the new update. Here’s what you need to do to verify this. Here’s what you need to do to verify this.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Select Profile & system.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Network settings.
  • Select Test network speed & statistics.

If the network connection results are not good then this might be due to network conflicts or an issue with your ISP. You should try switching from a wi-Fi to a wired connection and vice versa. You should also consider connecting your new Xbox to a mobile hotspot.

Solution 3: Perform a factory reset

There’s a possibility that the problem is caused by corrupted software on the device. In order to fix this you will need to do a factory reset. Any installed apps that you downloaded will be deleted during this process.

  • Press the Xbox button.
  • Select Profile & system.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select System.
  • Select Console info.
  • Select Reset console.
  • Select Reset and remove everything. This also removes any Xbox app or game.

Once the hard reset is complete try to check if the Xbox error code still occurs by doing a firmware update.

Solution 4: Perform an offline update

In case the issue persists then you should perform an offline system update. You can follow the official guide from the Xbox website to perform this action.

Having the error code 0x8B0500B6 on Xbox Series X issue can be a frustrating experience. Hopefully, this solution will help you fix the problem.

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