How to Enable Portable Hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

Getting an internet connection on the go is very easy these days, unless you’re in a secluded area where signal is poor and no WiFi is available. Using the cellular data connection is made more enjoyable if shared. You can do that if you enable portable hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite. 

Cellular data connection is very helpful for those users who are constantly on the go and those who don’t have a WiFi connection. If you are one of those who’s into video streaming, social media app enthusiasts or online gamers, cellular data networks will be a big help to carry things out. 

If ever there is someone who needs an internet connection and you have an existing cellular data to share on your Mi Note 10 Lite, then enabling the portable hotspot is a good idea. From its name, portable hotspot allows your smartphone to be used as a WiFi router

It then shares the existing cellular data connection to other devices that would connect on your phone. Just like using a regular WiFi connection, they will need to open their WiFi switch and look for the name of your device on the options available. 

If you have set a password or security on your portable hotspot, they will need to enter it. Once successfully connected, they can now use the internet connection on their device. Let us check how you can enable portable hotspot on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite by following the given procedures below. 


  1. Access Settings from the main menu. 
  1. Go to and select Connection & sharing. Note: If you have enabled portable hotspot before, an option is already available on the main settings. 
  1. Tap on Portable Hotspot. 
  1. Toggle switch beside the Portable hotspot option. 
  1. Tap on Set up portable hotspot. You will be able to change the name of the device and set up a password under this option. 

After enabling the portable hotspot, make sure that your mobile data is turned on. You can also set a data limit if you are not on an unlimited data plan. In this way, you will be able to track and save the data usage. 

It  is also important to note that enabling the portable hotspot on your Mi Note 10 Lite may affect the internet speed and may not provide the best internet experience for both parties. 

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